From snorting to shooting anything!

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From snorting to shooting anything!

by Juli

My story is original because i did not start using drugs till I was 37 years old.

A mother of two very normal had a god job, my own home. I met a man that owned a bar so it started out that he and i would snort cocaine when we would party or go to the bar. It started two nights a week then eventually led to five nights till am hours. Finally I couldn’t keep my job, which was 8-5. So I quit my job.

Started working at his bar, then i met a girl that snorted oxycontin, she said oh a little won’t hurt so i tried a small line. Then eventually it led to me getting my own 40mg pills… then i was up to snorting 8 a day. 320 mg a day.

Well i ended up getting my boyfriend into the pills. Which made it hard on our relationship, as the addiction to pills was expensive. A dollar a milligram. Do the math.

I ended up getting involved with people that shot up. He would never do the pills that way. So of course i tried it and loved it so i hid it from him for a while.

I ended up using every drug possible in a needle, oxycodone, cocaine, meth, morphine, bath salts, liquid methadone and heroin once. By the time i was 45 years old my life was out of control, drugs did me i didn’t do them any more.

I ended up losing my home, all my furniture possessions, vehicles, drivers license. Ended up escorting (a fancy word for selling my body). So to make a long story short i have hit bottom.

Until now at 46 years old is when i finally got clean. The main thing was i did it for me! I was ready. I tried in the past in those long dark 7 years but i only tried for my kids and then boyfriend. no no not a good reason cuz i always used again.

Well you have to finally have enough of who u are or u became! Or see that you miss the person you knew when u were clean. Until then u won’t be a success, i will tell you i ended up in jail for 44 days, and every time there was church service i would attend… every time! I would get some words from it that were meant for me, like being put in there was a gift!

I know it sounds crazy but to me it was a gift. it allowed me time to be clean and see the old Juli that i use to be and actually led me to be a better version of the old one. I can tell you i used drugs originally because I was not happy and didn’t love myself. But God was and still is my only way out. I believe the night i got arrested. was probably the night i would have done a shot that would of killed me! Because God knows i did a lot of drugs in that seven years. Enough to have killed me but i was stubborn.

It took jail and me losing everything to see what the answer was. I did it for me and God. i feel good i have been clean 60 days. I have little desire to use again, only because i did not like the women i was. i am finding the true women and God gave me a chance that night and a gift of sobriety.

I used my experience that was a bad one, for my good. Which i believe with God i will stay clean this time. Cuz i want to be this way. I love me more than i ever have in years maybe ever!? Love your self and God enough to get strong. Find reasons to hate drugs and the person you are on them.

good luck, Juli

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by: Rj

My husband and I are struggling, we’ve been married 25 years and he drinks and I do meth. It’s not everyday but sometimes it’s 4 days it’s crazy I’m sick of the feeling after the fact.

We have four girls and it’s a struggle; we have a beautiful home and good jobs. Its so overwhelming! I’m an emotional wreck I always say never again then a few days go by and I want it 🙁

Lord hear my prayers

Start with Step Two

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear RJ,

The second step of the 12 step program says:

“Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”

The Lord will hear and answer your prayer if you seek Him. Overcoming your addiction alone is almost impossible so you MUST seek help.

You use again because your brain is telling you to. Meth addiction is a disease of the brain and you must reprogram your brain to no longer need meth. That’s what the 12 step groups are for.

Your husband brain NEEDS alcohol and your brain needs methamphetamine. But a power greater than both of you can restore you to sanity if you allow it to. Start going to AA or NA meetings and begin working the steps. Step Two is SO powerful and will give you HOPE if you focus on it.

Growth is the goal with the 12 steps and you can begin to go to meetings even if you’re still using. I would recommend you go to meetings daily and you will find that if you work the steps they will begin to help you to learn to get control of your life back from your addiction.

Hopefully, your husband will begin his journey as well once he sees how well you are doing.

Good Luck and may you listen as God not only hears but answers your prayer,


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– Matthew 7:7-8

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