Help for addiction?

by ajay pal

I am taking medical proxy one capsules in shape of drugs. I had tried several times to leave these drugs but I am not able to get rid of it.

Please suggest me the steps to get free from this drug addiction so that I can live a peaceful and normal life.

I will be very thankful to you, waiting for your reply at the earliest time.

Is Treatment Possible?

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Ajay,

Are you referring to Proxy, or Propoxyphene, the mild narcotic pain reliever? Have you been taking them for their intended purpose? Have you spoken to your doctor?

Depending on your access to resopurces, you can talk to a drug treatment center and explain your trouble. You can also go to Alcoholics Anonymous and often they have services for drug users.

If this is what I think it is, the withdrawal may not be too serious, but if at all possible, try to get medical help.

ajay pal

by: andrew johns [poetical justice]

I have done many detox programs and the worse I have ever done is opiates and that was extremely difficult to do as it affects your full body functions and it is extremely difficult too deal with.

I don’t really understand much about the medication, what your taking but the best advice I can give you is go see your doctor tell him that you want to stop the medication what your taking and ask if there is a lower dose what you can take and reduce yourself slowly.

You shouldn’t start too feel withdrawal effects until you have been abstinence from the medication for at least 2 too 3 days then you will be able too determine how it is affecting your body as leaves.

Whatever side effects you get tell your doctor as they arise and he maybe able too help too prescribe something else too help too deal with how your feeling at that moment. I hope this helps you and if you need any more advice from me you can contact me and if i can help i will and there is not a lot I don’t know about beating withdrawal from any drug.

Please read my poem what i have wrote about addiction the link is on this website but I’ll give you it anyways please leave a comment thank you andrew…..

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