Question on drug addiction submitted March, 2011

by Lindsey

My 24-year old cousin is a recovering heroin addict. He has been in and out of rehab facilities for about 3 years now.

Over this past summer he was doing very well and was clean for 8 months and then Dec. 15th he relapsed. He has been doing better since but he has been having trouble with his leg.

After seeing a doctor they believe he has hip dysplasia, he is in a lot of pain and complains of the non-narcotic meds aren’t helping.

Can he take a narcotic pain killer if closely monitored and someone administers the medication properly?

by David

My daughter Jennifer is in the Boulder county jail in Co. Arrested for Meth.

She has asked the guards to tell someone she would like to talk to someone about recovery.

She is not getting any response.

Can someone be sent to her from your volunteer staff?

by JJ

I have a friend who’s son used coke and has stop using for two years but complains of craving or feeling hungry.

Is there any thing she can tell him to use to help with these cravings?

by Jim

My wife’s daughter’s husband was picked up with drugs, and fire arms. This is not the first time. He spent time
before for the same problem. We have tried to inform her that it will not stop. But he is promising her it will if she will get him out of jail.

He might have to do 15 years this time in a state prison, what should she do?

by hailey

(faiefield iowa )

why do they become violent sometimes?

by Christina

My husband has been addicted to heroin for quite awhile, I have been in denial it has ruined our life and all
our finances are gone as a result.

Our family is torn apart over the turmoil that has been going on for over a year he is now in a recovery center but I think just to detox he will now give consent to any of his drs or nurses to give me information.

I am really lost and don’t know what to do.

Would it be best if I don’t let him come back into the home?

by Rachna

My husband is becoming more and more alcohol tolerant and smokes secretly. He also takes some form of tobacco in his Paan. Whenever questioned about it, he becomes indignant and aggressive about it.

His family (parents and siblings)think the world of him and my suggestions to take him through therapy are looked down upon, as if I am suggesting that he see a shrink! But I am so, so concerned for him and our family!

What should I do?

by Erin


I was taken in 2 weeks ago for possession of a hypodermic needle. I wasn’t arrested but received a ticket to appear in court. I am a heroin addict and have been using on and off for the past year.

His parents are in denial and at the holidays, he drank most of the punch bowl. His girlfriend pays for his existence and he he has been on unemployment for most of the year. I was told by most of the family that this is none of my business and if I see this, I can say nothing.

I have fought with the family because I’ve been vocal about the drinking and the and I’ve decided to stay away from them. I don’t enjoy the train wreck.

by Meghan

My brother has been on drugs for a while and I’m getting scared, I thought he would out grow it and he hasn’t.

I need to try to help him, because if something happens and I don’t try to help him it will feel like I failed, I want to help him, but I think he has clinical depression and I think that he has to hit rock bottom before he wants to change himself, but I think rock bottom will be death, what should I do to help, me and my mother need something.

Mike won’t go to the doctor and won’t see a therapist.

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