Help for me and my children?

by Juanita

(Charleston, WV)

Well I guess I am looking for some assistance in finding help for me and my children. We live in Charleston, WV and my husband of 15 years is addicted to pain pills.

He still denies there is a problem when its controlling our life. I’m tired and just need someone who can understand and talk with me. I have kicked him out of our home even though I love him.

He is stealing to support this habit and his moods with our 4 children are terrible. I won’t raise them like that. I’ve searched online. I’ve called hospitals here and no one can seem to tell me if there is a support group of some type for the family.

Any help you can give me I would be grateful.

Al-anon your best resource

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Juanita,

It does sound like you and your children need help. It also sounds like your husband needs help as well.

Al-anon has local meetings in your area and you should start going to their meetings. They will help you learn how to help your children, your husband and yourself.

Here is the link which lists the meetings in your area:

Because you’ve kicked your husband out he may be at the point when he is willing to get treatment and Al-anon can help you figure out the best resources available for him.

Pill addiction is a disease of the brain and right now the pills are controlling your husband if he is addicted. Once the pills are in control he will do ANYTHING to get them so you definitely must protect your children. Kicking him out may be the best for everyone involved, but go to Al-anon and let them help you.

Also, call you doctor and discuss the situation with him/her. They have a lot of experience and will know the options available for treatment in your area. Once you find out the options you should try to get your husband to take advantage of the options available. The treatment centers can do an assessment to help decide if your husband is abusing or addiction to pain pills.

Good Luck!

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