Help, My Husband is Addicted?

Hi my name is Thienly…

I’m having a family issue which is my husband is a drug addicted now and he’s getting worst, and worst day by day, until the point that I don’t know what to do now, and what I should do, because I have 3 little kids in my house…

I’m really afraid that he will harm my kids some day…

I really need help from some treatment for my husband…

I really need help…

Codependent wife

by: Randi

I understand the frustration and confusion of being married to a drug addict because I lived it.

The only way to help your husband is to help yourself first.

Attend a Narcotics Anon. meeting to gain a better perspective.

Visit my blog about Codependency.

I’d love to help:

You Need Help For Yourself First

by: Ned Wicker

You cannot help your husband alone, you need to go out and get help for yourself first.

You probably have a thousand questions and they need answers.

Organizations like Al-Anon are made for you and have the resources to help you.

Or, you could talk to your doctor, or a local drug treatment center.

It’s important for you to get expert help and form a game plan to work from to help your husband.

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