by Joel Da Costa

(Deerfield Beach, Florida)

The addiction is Oxycontin ….It’s my girlfriend Danielle, she has been to detox, but all they did for her was about $$$ an we don’t and we couldn’t afford it I will do anything to put her in a nice place pleases help.


PS Danielle wants help.

Homework Needed

by: Ned Wicker

Dear JT,

You have to do your homework. Anybody can detox her, but not every center is going to put together a personalized treatment and recovery plan.

We are body, mind and spirit, so all three need to be addressed. Call Al-Anon and I am sure their members can give you some guidance and support here. They’re right in your community.

Local NA chapters might also be a good source of advice and counsel. She needs treatment, but then she needs to be in a sustaining recovery program, so you have a lot to learn about.

We don’t directly promote treatment centers, but we do know that the first and most important question they need to ask is how to help, not how much money you have.

Step one is to have her begin to go to AA or NA meetings DAILY. She will meet others who have moved past their addiction and they can help her to do the same.

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