How can i help my boyfriend?

My boyfriend of 15 years has been a drug addict for 20 years. He went from smoking crack to injecting heroin, meth pretty much anything he can get his hands on.

He has been through a few rehab centers most recently he had been incarcerated for 18 months and stayed clean for about 1 year after that.

He has relapsed since then and is worse then ever he prefers meth and heroin but will inject cocaine or morphine

I’m unsure of amounts because I am extremely bothered by his abuse.

What can I do to help him, I believe he has hit bottom I think he is trying to kill himself?

You Need Support

by: Ned Wicker

You cannot go it alone in trying to help your boyfriend. Even if you think he has hit “rock bottom” he may not think there is a problem. Even though he has been to treatment before, he can still benefit from another program.

All the 18 months in jail did was keep him from using. He was still an addict when he got out. Speak to his family, his friends. All of you together need to come up with a plan. Al-Anon is a good resource for you for support, but you can talk to a drug treatment center and get their take on it. He needs to understand that he has a disease that requires treatment.

If he refuses and continues on his present path, there will be no room for you. His disease will kill your relationship before it kills him. Do you want to walk down that path with him?

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