How can I help my brother?

by Priyam Basu

(West Bengal, India)

Respected Joe,

I was doubting that my elder brother has been getting addicted to drugs and alcohol, but in the last 2-3 months he is becoming more and more
addicted. He is missing his work often.

We want to take him to the medical practitioner as soon as possible.

If you tell us how will we treat with him and take him back to the regular life, I will be grateful to you.

Your faithfully,

-Priyam Basu

How can I help my brother

by: Lynette


Hi Priyam-

I am glad that you wrote and hope I can help you. The best thing for you to do IS to take your brother to his regular medical doctor.

Hopefully, he will be willing to go. The doctor should be able to tell him of OTHER help he can get such as seeing a drug and alcohol counselor and perhaps attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (if they have them in your country). There he would meet others with the same or similar problems has his.

I am not a professional medical person-just a recovering alcoholic-I have not drank for 25 years. Also, my son has struggled with addiction.

Good luck-Lynette

Brother with alcohol addiction.

by: Anonymous

Please let me know if u found an answer to this question. I have the same problem.

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