How can I find drug treatment center?

by Christopher

Wondering if there was a residential cocaine/crack rehab/detox centers in the GTA?

And is there a contact number?

How can I find…

by: Lynette


What is the GTA?

First Steps

by: Ned Wicker


We are not really in a position to answer that question for you, but we do offer a couple of suggestions.

First, depending on the kind of drug addiction you are dealing with, you might first want to get an appointment with a doctor and get checked out.

It’s important to see if you have any other medical issues. Your doctor is probably in a good position to offer an opinion on a drug treatment center that is best suited for your needs.

Secondly, you can call around and see what kind of in-patient and out-patient programs are available and get a feel for what will best work for you.

You can call local Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon groups and talk to folks who have gone through treatment. They would probably have good ideas for you.

How can I find…

by: Lynette


I think the best way for you to find a drug treatment center is to call a Social Worker or a Psychologist in your area. They should have a list of drug treatment centers. Just look in your phone book for Social Workers or Psychologists.
Good luck-Lynette

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