How can I stop my Yaba addiction?

by Ahammed
(Dhaka, Mirpur Bangladesh)

I'm a service job holder in Dhaka, Mirpur Bangladesh, but I have in a Yaba addition. Now I want to stop using it and take the correct treatment. I have to be present every working day from 9 am to 1 pm.

So how do I quit? What can I do?

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My Husband addicted yaba.last 1 year.
by: Lily husband is addicted yaba..last 1 year.we have 1 baby (5 years).Actually he was a politician..& jobless last 4 I am the only one earning member & i work a private company.,but last 1 year he build up relation 1 rich person..who gave him yaba & also some money daily..i think he involve in yaba business..but now my husband totally mentally sick..he always rouge behave with me..& he also have seen some hallucination..i think he take yaba he talk himself..i am afraid.his family think to give him rehab center..but i want to treatment him at home..but he is not ready to treatment himself..i am really helpless..please give me any suggestion or anti drug medicine that i can treatment him hidden...or what should i do at's really so tough to stay with him.please give me suggestion..

Please help
by: Anonymous

I am 32 years old working in a financial industry. From 8years 8years ago i have started takaing yaba. My family and me bothbare stablish. I have taken NA program 2times. And relapsed again. What should i do? In bangladesh rehab centre are not well stablished and also they focused on business? With out rehabalitaion give me ideas how can i come out from yaba addiction?

Go to AA or NA and work the 12 steps
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear "I want to stop my Yaba Addiction",

I'm so terribly sorry that you're struggling with Yaba addiction. Yaba is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine. Because it contains methamphetamine, medical supervision is usually required for withdrawal and detoxification.

Abuse of methamphetamine changes the brain chemistry and withdrawal is the process the brain goes through in order to return to it's original state. Medical support (help from a doctor), can EASE the symptoms caused by the withdrawal process by prescribing medications easing the negative symptoms of this process.

Therefore I have two recommendations for you as you stop using Yaba (both of which a confidential and will not need to involve your family):

1. Call a doctor and let them know that you're addicted to Yaba and want medical support for detoxification. This support is likely needed for at least three months.

2. Start attending Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings DAILY!

AA and NA programs use a process called the 12 Steps. This program was developed over the last 150 years and has been shown by clinical research to be VERY effective at helping you to end your Yaba addiction.

There is an old saying in AA that "the steps work if you work them". You need to go to AA and NA meetings and start working the 12 steps.

If you do these two things you will find that you can successfully end your addiction to Yaba. Remember, Yaba addiction is a disease of the brain and left untreated it is often fatal. Yaba will certainly ruin your life if you continue to abuse it.

If you start working the 12 steps you can learn how to recover from these terrible disease. The more support you get, the more likely you will be successful at ending your addiction.

Good Luck,


I want to stop my Yaba Addiction
by: Anonymous


I have a successful career as a freelancer, Because of my profession, I had to conduct seminars in many places. When I went Rangpur to attend a seminar, I took yaba with my friend. From that night on I start using yaba and now its 2 year into my addiction.

A few days ago I married my girlfriend. Every night, when I see her face, I swear to myself I will stop yaba. I've loved her for eight years, and agree to do everything for her. She also loves me a lot.

A few days ago she hears from my friend that I've had a yaba addition for two years. When she heard bad words about me, she slapped my friend and returned home. She believes me a lot.

Nobody understands about my addiction before because my income is huge, and maintain my family alone. Some of my companions know that I'm addicted to yaba. Because they bought yaba for me, and they all are addicted in yaba.

But now I can not concentrate on my work due to Yaba addition. I lost my ability to work. Even I start scamming to my faithful client. I take advanced money from client and didn't work for them properly. When they want update work file, I show them several trouble and get money again, and in last stage I block them.

I really didn't want to scam them and have ability to pay there due in a week, but I can't able to focus in work.

Might be sure I lost everything in several months. I want to recover my self alone without discussing it with my wife or family. Please I need support.

My activities falling me in depredation, and I am thinking to killing myself. AA and NA are confidential but how I hide it from my family?

From the couple of months I'm addicting to yaba badly how can I get back without consulting with Dr or without rehabilitation
by: Abu

I'm a university student, earlier I used to take weed and phensidyle sometimes, drank wine and beer.
But now a days I'm involving with a very bad habit of taking yaba, which is just killing all my reputation and the friendships and the good relationship with family. So please if you can than help me?

stop wy drug medicine
by: Anonymous

I want to stop stop wy drug but I can't stop this crazy drug,just now I want stop having medicine can stop wy drug,if have stop wy drug medicine please teach,safe my life I want live with my family friends in this beautiful world please u safe my life from crazy drugs wy.i want never think again don't fill remember can be loss this drugs in my mind

Comments for
by: md

How can I stop my Yaba addiction?

I wanna leave the addiction
by: Nothing

I'm 19 now and I've been taking yaba with 2 months. How can I leave it?

Self Support
by: Survivour

I was addicted to yaba for two years.Its been like 6 years now I am Clean.Now I realise I was turned into an animal that time. I been to rehab for treatment for a month. But honestly you cant get away until you don't drag yourself out from this. Re-habitation didn't work for me. I started to use it after my immediate release from rehab. But when I completely realised where it is taking me I got so much self control to avoid it. Its not easy at all.

Some personal tips:
*keep thinking about all the negativity of it. You cant sleep,You cant eat,You feel cranky all the time,All your money wasted.Imagine how much it would be in your account if you don't wasted it on buying yaba.

*Take a break from your regular life.Take leave from work and go somewhere for a holiday. Go somewhere you cant get yaba even if you want to.Spent a month like this.Just keep contact with your family people who care for you.

*Stay away from the people surrounding you who takes yaba. Doesn't matter how good friends they are. You cant make others realise until they realise by themselves.

*Make your mind strong,take a long break,re-fresh yourself,re-start yourself,change your cell number to avoid your yaba buddies and dealers(If Possible)
Remember, if you don't want to have it nobody can make you have that. So stop saying I want to stop, I am trying but cant all these thing and work on it properly.Its never too late.

Yaba addiction is a mental deceases. So no medicines,no doctors,no rehab centres cant get you out from here until your head and mind is ready to come back. They only can help you to recover your physical damage a little bit. But its you who are the actual doctor for yourself.

Going to a doctor is a GREAT first step!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Hossain,

So very sorry to hear that your youngest brother is yaba addicted. Yaba, which we call methamphetamine in the US, is a VERY serious and dangerous addiction. Yaba attacks the brain and changes it in ways not fully understood. It can cause significant permanent brain damage including psychosis.

It is imperative that your brother gets help right away! Take him to a doctor, one who specializes in addiction recovery if possible, and allow the doctor to help your brother to withdraw safely and successfully from yaba.

Also, go with your brother to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings in your area and both of you should begin working the 12 step program. Working the steps will help you and your brother to understand his addiction better and learn how to end it before it does significant, irreversible harm to his body and brain.

His chances for ending his addiction increase significantly with both of you working the steps together.

How to help our youngest brother to come back from Yaba
by: Anonymous

Hi this is Hossain. We are suspecting our youngest brother, fresh graduate, is having yaba addiction. Our guests for last 3-4 months. We want to help him to come back from this addiction. Pls advice what we need to do ... and how we can help him.. as he said in the beginning stages... we want to help him in all possible ways. He has been facing problem in his conjugal and office life.

He may not agree to go for rehab but we can manage him to consult doctor. Will it be sufficient?

Pls help me by giving your valuable suggestions.


Looking for treatment?..there is no other option except setting the mind.
by: Da One

Hello every one.

First of all I thank Dabbie. Who is doing excellent job to save the diseased ones.

Let me clear clear about my obstacles.

i was severely addicted to weed. i took weed badly for 1.5 years or maybe more.

I don't take yaba usually but by the count it might be 15 times in total. Atleast 2ps at a time.

My recovery from weed

I was determined and very much anxious about the weed. But I couldn't share it with anyone except some of my useless friends. Then I made a plan to study about the demerits or disadvantages of weed nd recently about the yaba also. So those knowledge about disadvantages of weed gave me a strong mental strength and support to not to take it anymore. Also I went through many inspirational and motivational videos from YouTube for myself. Then I started examine my control level by not taking the weed even when I felt like to take it..yeah I failed so many times. But for 9 months I am keep passing of my own exams. Even I was able to refuse the weed offer if anyone has made. Now weed is deleted from my life completely by the grace of Almighty.

Tried the same strategy for yaba

According to my yaba or hell experience. This drug may have a periodical reminder to take dis drugs. My body craves for yaba in every 15-20 days. And if I take it on the day it craves for, it gives crave or reminders for yaba again within 3-5 days. So the time gaps are decreasing by each time I'm taking it by its cravings. Then again I went through my own exam of control level to overcome the yaba's cravings. It was hard for me on the day but I was able to pass on learned how to stop it easily.

Finally for all the worried addicted people

1. If u don't want to stop any addictions strongly by yourself,it will never be stopped by ur parents,wife or any doctor.*so keep fighting with evil cravings. Belive me it will work.

If you believe number then:

2. If you cannot share your addiction problems with anyone then don't. But in that case you are compelled to study the disadvantages of the things u want to stop taking. You can study it from Internet very easily. Also study about the overcome or recovery.

3. Please go through motivational and inspirational speeches and videos on YouTube because all the drugs bring depression and frustrations in addicted life. Which its really hard to win the anti yaba, weed battle in your life. So u have to inspire yourself by ur own anyhow.

4. dream yourself that u will be a very fresh breath taking human within some weeks or months.
bcz dream inspires. inspire wins

5.plz avoid the total contacts with whom u get drugs and all. It will be ur first victory if you can delete the numbers.

6.never get stopped fighting ur own battle for ur for own betterment by hearing like "no u can not leave ur addictions" from anyone,not even from a I also believed on the valueless words from the doctor I went to.and he told me to get admitted in some rehabiliation centre.i got angry on him,threw him a challage nd came off.nd again I went to meet him1.5 months ago to prove him wrong after winning my anti addiction war.

For victim's/addicted's gaurdian and well wishers

Please after coming to know ur closest one is addicted on yaba or in weed it's really hard to belive and hurts a lot.
So all u have to do is to inspire him or her as "you can do it". But don't say anything even after several tries like "u will never change". plz remember it.

And most important job of urs r give them their own time to think,to inspire themselves of their own.give them a privacy in ur home.but make sure and b alerted that they not doing drug in their privacy.

Above all the things were researched and applied in my life.and this things were the methods to overcome my severe weed addictions and irregular yaba takings. Person to person and mind to mind it may vary.

Keep me in your prayers.i am working as a vice chairman of an organisation in Dhaka.

All the best.

What should we do to return him back?
by: Anonymous

My brother is addicted to yaba. He wasted all his money over there. We are trying our level best to return him back. Give me some suggestion. What should we do in home by which we could return him back. Help me urgently please!

No specific treatment to end craving yaba.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear X,

So very sorry that your husband is addicted to yaba or what we call meth. Meth addiction attacks our brain and makes us believe that we MUST have Yaba/Meth to survive. Your husband's brain is likely under the control of Yaba/Meth nd he must stop using and allow his brain to heal.

Their is no medication that you can give you husband that will stop his brain from craving Yaba/Meth. The only way currently known to end his cravings is for him to stop using it for at least six months.

I recommend that you begin going to AA meetings for families called Al-anon. At the Al-anon meetings begin working the 12 steps, so that you will understand your husband's addiction more clearly.

Also while at the Al-anon meetings, find a female sponsor who has helped their husband to end a Yaba/Meth addiction. Allow that sponsor to work with you to create a plan as to the best way to get your husband to agree to go to AA meetings and to end his addiction.

Good luck,


Treatment for yaba?
by: x

My husband is addicted to yaba for a year. I want him to stop yaba but he takes at least 10 piece yaba for a month. I told him to attend alcoholic anonymous meeting but he rejected that.

Is there any other drug treatment that will help my husband avoid addiction to yaba? I want drug treatment that will reduce his eagerness to take yaba?

by: Iftekhar

Brother I was also facing the same problem you are facing right now.I also have to quit this without informing anybody in my family.I have tried in few methods but it wasn't working finally i manage to quit it and last 2 months i didn't take a single piece.

My Husband is taking yaba from 1year, I want to help him
by: Nobody

I am Bonhi. I got married 1.5 years. Before that my husband and I have 4years relationship. So I love him so so much. In my affair through I knew that he smoked sometime and driked alcohol only in business party or friends weeding. But after my marriage I know that he smoke regularly 5 to 6 per day. then I think that he is taking alcohol weekly not occasionally. I was so wrong. Before marriage he took alcohol regularly. And now last week I knew that he is a yaba addicted from 1year.

He takes 3 to 4 tablets per day. In his starting, he just wants to know how yaba takes or how it works. he told me that he wanted to know. I was not responding. his friends use to take yaba. Now he is addicted with a large group.

He doesn't accept it. he totally betrayed that he takes yaba. he doesn't sure that I know his additional problem. I am not talking about it till now. please help me. what can I do now? If I informed someone, his business will be finished. I can't understand anything.

please please give me some solutions...........

Go to a medical doctor or clinic and they will help you with your withdrawal symptoms.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Tosu,

Yaba or what we call meth is a VERY strong and dangerous narcotic that has attacked you brain and caused a MAJOR mental health disturbance. The only thing that will completely eliminate the negative symptoms that you're experiencing is not using yaba.

You can go to a doctor and they will have medications that can lessen your symptoms but not eliminate them.

Also, if you use any Yaba at all, your withdrawal symptoms will likely have to start back at the beginning and take another three months to stop.


I want relieve from after effects!
by: Tosu

Getting addicted is one thing... but taking too many at one time is too much hard too tolerate... Can you please help me, i beg you please help me...

I took yaba for 4 years .... Then left it for 2 years.. But recently i took it for more than 6 years.. Eventually i took a minimum of 13 a day..but suddenly i quit taking it...after that ... my life is hell!

My hands shake like an earthquake ..I see ghosts in night such as throat craves for water hair ..!oh my god hair was straight silk its like had foil paper...

But quitting it isn't a hard thing for me..but the after can i prevent them? They hurt too much ..i feel weak .. But i promise i wont take it. But please help to prevent the after effects...

And yes would be more help if you don't suggest pages ..rather than give me a solution .. Cause i am afraid that you're too sayy and that i am only 19 and now. Can you imagine how my life is struggling...

I will never tell anyone about it..I'd rather die... Because my dad is a business tycoon ..he has a respect ... More of.. Please help me please!

How can change yaba drug addiction
by: Anik Ahmed

I am anik. I am a versity student. But I using yaba drug last 2.5 month. And now I will back my normal life. Pleace suggested me how can I leave the yaba drug addiction. I not to go the any rehabe center.pleace helpe me. And give me a doctor address. I live in gazipur.

My husband is addicted to Yaba and our relationship is breaking apart
by: Anonymous

My husband is an addict. He did different things for many years to get high. When his health was breaking down he was finally taken to NA. After coming back from there he was doing okay, But then he relapsed twice. First time it was weed. The second time it was Yaba. He used to take both of these before as well.

When he relapsed and started to take Yaba, he did not even confess that he is taking it again. I saw him change right before my own eyes and I am feeling scared for myself and my family. I feel that I need psychological support myself to be able to deal with all the issues related to handling an addict.

The worst part is, I don't think he really wants recovery. He has admitted that he does not enjoy regular life. And this is the reason he resorts to narcotics.

You can't force recovery on someone. It has to be a conscious choice. So, don't feel devastated if your addict husband is relapsing again and again. Despite your best efforts to love and support him, you will not be able to help him IF he prefers addiction to your love.

You have a life, too. Know your limits and set boundaries. Seek help to learn how to cope. If needed, get away from this relationship.

NA did not ask me if I need any help myself. So I thought I should share that perhaps it is given that you are strong enough to continuously put up with the challenges brought on by addiction. It is okay to feel clueless, to feel trapped. But know that you have a choice. Just like an addict deserves to have a good life, you do too. Know when to stay and when to leave.

May Allah help us heal ourselves and others.

No way to know how long he has been using.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Rafeza,

Sadly, no there is no test that shows how long someone has been using Yaba. There is only a three month test which will show whether or not Yaba has been used at all during the prior three months.

Addiction is a terrible disease that very little is known about. There is currently no cure, but he can LEARN how to control it himself if he chooses.

Addiction is a disease that attacks the brain, such that if an addict stops using even for 10 years but then uses again, the brain reverts back to as it was when they were using every day. That's why addiction is so challenging to treat.

But regardless of how long your husband has been using, if he stops taking Yaba, his brain should go back to normal in two or three months and he can live his life as he chooses as long as he never uses Yaba again.

Good Luck,


Want to know
by: Rafeza

My husband is addicted to Yaba.I don't know for how long he is addicted.He is not willingly telling me the truth.But I suspect him.

Is there any tests by which I can know about his addiction?

need treatment for yaba adiction
by: Anonymous

I need any doctors address where i can get treatment for my husband.. last 6 month he is addicted by yaba. Recently he talked to me about taking yaba and promised me he would not take it but after 10/12 days he started taking it again... when he takes yaba he behaves very nice and romantic.... i am so scared and i am really confused what should i do..... please give me any doctor address for his treatment...;i live in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Must go to a doctor to control withdrawal side effects.
by: Debbie Wicker

There is no food that I'm aware of that can help manage your side effects from Yaba withdrawal. Your best course of action is to go to a doctor and describe the negative side effects you're experiencing and let him/her prescribe specific medications for your case.

Yaba withdrawal needs to be medically supervised to keep you safe as your body and your brain readjust to not having Yaba in your system.

I'm alone and need treatment can't go doctor.
by: Anonymous

What is the item of food control I can use to control the side effects? Please give me medicine name?

The drug is controlling your brain.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Sabbir,

Yabba addiction ATTACKS the brain and your brain changes to accommodate the drug. You will not be able to end your addiction until you go through withdrawal from the drug.

During withdrawal your brain changes back to how it used to be before you were using Yabba. This could take from two weeks to a month, each of us is different.

You should have medical support while you're going through withdrawal to avoid as many negative side effects as possible. If you use any Yabba during this time your brain changes back immediately and you have to start back at the beginning.

You also need to start attending AA or NA meetings daily for support and information about your addiction.

You can quit but you will need the confidential support of others.

Good Luck,


How can I recover myself?
by: Sabbir


I'm Sabbir. I'm a university student, and I have been addicted in yaba the last 3 years. At the first stage it was not so essential for me, but now for about the last 1 and a half years i can't live without i!
Finally i realised i have to quit it; then i tried to quit last 2 months, but can't do it. So if u can u can help me, if you can plz help me<>>>>i can't go to any rehab centre cause of my personal issues.

pls share the contact address
by: Anonymous

What is AA..CAN you mention the address it in bangladesh...want the phone number too...please share

For Anonymous
by: zt

Dear Mate,

Few things i would like to share with u.

Ask yourself which life is most precious to you?
1.professional life
2.personal life.
3.Addictive life.

Choose your answer very carefully. Because U are about to change the course of your journey on this part of the world by picking up 1 choice from the above. I will describe how. But at the beginning Plz be-careful when you are going for only one option.

Thanks mate.
Take care,zt.

** In Bangladesh, Out of approx.. 160-170 million people, 10-12 million people are addicted. i mean addicted. Just forget about smoking a cigarette. They simply addicted to drugs.

** 30% of them are between age 16-25.(3%-5% are female).

We are loosing potential young generation.

I don't even dare to dream what will be the no in the end of year 2017 or 2020.

For God sake Plz Do understand its an epidemic( it has a different instrument of killing people) out here.And Which is devastating. And still we don't talk about it. Its a disease effecting the whole nation, n how on earth we are not raising voice. People are dieing here. It's getting bigger then our imagination.. Let me warn you my friends, its no less then a civil death which is waiting silently.. Its alarming. Our mother of all FREEDOM is "CRYING".

Cure from yaba addiction
by: Anonymous

I want to cure from it, I daily take at least 3-5 per day. I have good family I even have job and a professional life too.

me & myself
by: zt

Hello there, I read both cases & feel like sharing this in here. Well it's obvious that we all have our own personal battle to fight. Some people win & others loose. We all have our own dirty secret, still some of us go to work, maintain social life etc. And its a tremendous effort for people like us who somehow cope up with the situation & act accordingly.

Deep down inside we know the fact for sure that it hurts. People come to our life & sometime and they leave us. Still can't blame them, cuz we know the fact for being left alone. And again the sun rises. The point is, life goes on.

Though we are naked in the darkness & we are not ashamed of ourselves I believe if there is 1 single reason to fight for it's worth it to try to quit addiction forever. For me addiction is like my 2nd wife. lol.

But few days back my mom asked me "is it possible that I will see my son as normal human before my time passed by" well to be true to myself this isn't the 1st time she said that to me. It's the 1st time in last 10 -12 yrs in my addictive life whether I'm on or off to drugs that portion certainty understand the fact & asking me to give a try. I must fight now.

Ladies n Gents wake up, lets give it a try. Lets not make or find excuses, about the treatment and all those wise advices we're being told. We know those things. Be true to yourself. 1st start the journey for saving your life. The rest of the things will happen magically. Best of luck is not gonna's up to you. Be a starter.

Don't give up... there is HOPE for you!
by: Debbie Wicker

Yaba is truly harming you and likely making you feel that you can't trust anyone. Paranoia is a VERY common symptom caused by abuse of Yaba. It is VERY difficult if not impossible to recover by yourself.

When you take Yaba it ATTACKS your BRAIN and makes you feel that you can't trust anyone. You must fight this feeling and realize that your best chance to end your addiction is to seek help from others who have been where you are at now.

AA and NA are COMPLETELY confidential so that you can go there and be sure that your job won't find out. Please seek help and find the resources you need to end this terrible addiction!

How can I recover the side effect by myself?
by: "x"

Unfortunately I've also fallen in Yaba trap, a few months ago. I have a perfect family & perfect life. I am a job holder. I am happy with it. But since few month ago i first got Yaba from one of my friends & now "I FACING VARIOUS PROBLEMS IF I QUIT TAKING YABA"

A. I can't tell any one about my problem "RATHER I AM PREPARE TO DIE OR SUICIDE"





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