I am sure my son is on heroin…

by Janet

I am sure my son is on heroin, I have found needles and other items which confirm my worries.

What I can’t understand is he works 7am to 6pm, 5 days a week an I am wondering how does he go through the day?

Is it possible how can he manage this an be addicted to heroin?

How can we help him to stop this without loosing his job?

Where can we go for help?

He Needs Help

by: Ned Wicker

If your son is addicted to heroin, and if he is holding down his job without any apparent signs of the disease then the disease will soon begin to take its toll. It’s only a matter of time before everything falls apart.

Your son losing his job is the least of your worries, as more serious consequences of his drug use are the issue. You may want to call Al-Anon, your doctor, or a local treatment center and have a conversation.

Your son’s drug use is going to be a family problem, so the family needs to be prepared to take the right steps in helping him in a practical and effective way.

There are out-patient programs which might help if he is not too far down the road, but you first need to have him assessed.

A physical exam is needed to determine his overall condition. The disease of drug addiction impacts body, mind and spirit.

Therefore, a comprehensive treatment and recovery program will help your son return to sanity and get the heroin out of his life.

I am sure my son is on heroin

by: Lynette`


Hi Janet-

I can sympathize with your dilemma. One of our first big shocks was when my husband went to get his pain pills for his back and found that half of the bottle was gone.

My son was only 14 or 15 and we knew he had taken the pills and it hurt really badly. Now he has been in a constant struggle with drugs for 13 years.

I think there are other drugs that you can inject with needles so I think you should find out about that. I am a recovering alcoholic – I have not drank for 25 years.

The first step I took was to go to a medical doctor and he helped me so much to get started on my recovery. Perhaps a medical doctor could help you decide what to do and give you knowledge on drugs that can be injected.

It does seem VERY strange that he could go through a days work if he’s on heroin, by I’m not an expert.

Get help for yourself! I believe that a great place to go is to an Al Anon meeting. The meetings have helped me immensely to know what to do and to meet others with similar problems.

Good luck and I’ll say a prayer for you.-Lynette

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