“Is this really happening to me ?”

by J R M

(Cincinnati, Ohio)

I am sitting here today as a true testimony that you can beat addiction through faith in God and changing your lifestyle. I was a young promising school teacher, husband, father of three beautiful kids, and son of caring and forgiving parents.
I had lived a life for a long time of drinking and drugging but one day of trying the drug of oxycontin, my life would change forever. I no longer needed to drink alcohol because I had found the greatest drug of all time and the things that I would do to get it were really deceitful and cruel things.

I lost three teaching jobs because of my inability to show up to work constantly cause without the drug i was not functional. I ran up over $ 140,000 worth of credit cards, i had over $10,000 worth of money lenders debts out and above all i was forced out of my house by my wife, who was fed up with my life of abyss. I think it’s safe to say my life had become unmanageable.

I started to use heroin cause it was cheaper and easier for me to get everyday. I had met a lady at my school who pulled me into my office and basically told me a story of how to get my life back.

This lady was an angel sent by God to help get me onto his path as well as get myself together. It was the hardest thing that i ever had to do, go into a rehab center for 9 months of my life.

I tried to leave several times and almost gave up a few times as well, however god would not deny me on my journey. I kept hearing don’t leave until the miracle happens and i thought what miracle? Well how about getting back my wife and three beautiful kids and another shot at doing what i love and that is teaching and helping kids.

I know i might not be the ideal person for a parent to want to teach their kid, but thats not for me or anyone else to judge. It’s gonna happen be it God’s will.

This addiction is a horrible thing to have to fight everyday and it’s not easy.

How many times have you heard one day at a time ? That is so true in my life cause I know if i let my guard down just once the devil will always attack me with bad thoughts and he always does, however the good Lord has redeemed me and i’m not about to turn my back on him again.

Here’s how I do it, I say “just for today, i’m not gonna use drugs today and worry about tomorrow later.”

Deny and Die every day when i wake up. Luke 9:23

Very Powerful

by: Debbie Wicker

Thank you so much for sharing your story, I hope many read it and become willing to commit to recovery one day at a time just as you have!

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