I live currently with my drug addicted boyfriend?

by April


I live currently with my drug addicted boyfriend who I did not know was this way anymore when I moved in. I cannot afford the initial costs of leaving him but desperately need to get away from his influence as I have partaken and because of chemical influence have thrown my body into a severe clinical depression.

I’m very scared and need to do something as I can feel myself slipping and slipping. I live in Denver, CO and was just wondering if there exists such a temporary place until I can save enough $ to start out in an apartment. I am currently bartering with a therapist and looking to get on medication to re-balance depression.

I am a business owner but am barely beginning so I’m not financially ok yet. What are my options? I have nobody to help me get away and I can’t be homeless with a business to represent and hopefully build. Please let me know.

I live currently…

by: Lynette


Dear April,
Thanks for writing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I’ve been on this site for quite a while now (about 8 months or so) and I hear many stories like this.

I highly recommend you going to an Al Anon meeting in your area. There you will meet others in the same or similar situation as yourself. I go to one and it has helped me a lot.

One thing that I’ve learned after many years of dealing with my son’s drug and alcohol abuse is that I CANNOT control his behavior (believe me, I?ve tried).

Therefore, as Al Anon teaches, we should focus on taking care of ourselves and not letting their addition take over our lives.

I can see that you are doing that by trying to get out of the situation. I would contact a drug and alcohol rehab., a drug and alcohol counselor, a clergy or a medical doctor. Don’t give up! Keep trying and I truly believe you will find someone to help you.

Every day I turn my day over to God and since I have been doing that it has been so helpful!! I am a recovering alcoholic. I have not drank for 25 years. When I first wanted to quit I went to my medical doctor and he helped me A LOT. Then, per his advice, I started going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (they talk about drug addiction, too) and they were very helpful, too.

Perhaps your boyfriend will not listen to you if you are telling him to get help but if he would go to a meeting he may come to the realization that the addicts way of live only takes you down hill. Alcoholism and addiction are diseases and he must learn how to take care of himself.

Good luck and I will pray for you-Lynette

Cost of the Relationship

by: Ned Wicker

You live with your boyfriend who is using drugs. You use drugs because he does. You are starting your business, so there’s no money to help you with your depression, which is exacerbated by the drug use.

Obviously you need to get out, but I do not believe you have the luxury of moving out on your own terms. You just need to get out. Do you have family near? You may need to fall back on family rather than try to find a suitable housing situation. County social services might help you. Maybe you can look for a roommate, who is clean and sober. Maybe Al-Anon or AA could guide you.

You need to take care of yourself first and put everything else on hold. You don’t have a relationship with your boyfriend because the drugs will take over everything. Take care of yourself first.

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