I’ve left my meth addictive boyfriend but its getting hard to stay away from him.. I miss him so much!

by So sad

(Reedley ca.)

I try to stay away & keep myself busy , but it’s getting harder to stay away I miss him so much I get depressed can’t focus on the smallest things?

You Deserve More

by: Ned Wicker

Dear So Sad,

You say you miss your meth-addicted boyfriend. May I suggest that you miss what your meth-addicted boyfriend used to be, or what he was before he allowed meth into his life?

It’s very sad and I am sure you are feeling the pain of a lost relationship, but until he gets treatment and gdets out from under the clutches of meth, you have no boyfriend at all.

As his disease progresses, he will slip farther and farther away. You will not matter to him. He’ll say he loves you, but he is more interested in chasing the high. He is on a deadend road.

If you mean anything to him, he’ll at least seek treatment. As it stands, you made the right decision and you need to stay away until he cleans up his act. You deserve that.

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