Intervention Help?

by Joanne

Hello. My partner has been addicted to drugs for 10yrs now. He has been in and out of prison for drug offenses, completed drug court, been on a methadone program and tried rehab.

However he always seem to relapse and blames it always on me. Everything I do and say is my fault. I want to know if this intervention will really work because I really cant take it anymore. I want to leave him if there is no other way.

His family don’t support him anymore, he embarrasses us, plans are always based on his moods and behaviour, financially we are broke etc etc. He believes everything will be alright. I just want this to stop.

Does intervention involve costs? How much?


by: Ned Wicker

Like so many others, you’re beginning to understand that addicts only care about feeding the addiction, not about girlfriends, family, careers, or anything else that has value. You can call a local drug treatment center and ask them about intervention fees.

I’d also suggest calling Al-Anon and getting some support for yourself. Your partner’s disease has destroyed your relationship and there has to be consequences. You need to live your life and take care of yourself. There is no future with an addict, as everything revolves around them. If you choose tom stay in the relationship, you need to fight hard to get them into treatment and live a healthy, recovery lifestyle.

Anything short of that is just enablement.

Intervention help?

by: Lynette

Dear Joanne,

I am not too familiar with how intervention works. I know there are professionals who can help you with the intervention or just you and family or friends can do it on your own. I think you should contact a drug and alcohol rehab. or counseling center for help.

What you have gone through sounds so much like what I have gone through with my son. I tried helping him in every way I could for years. However, I finally realized that he did not want help, really, because he’d go right back to using after getting out of rehab. or jail. He’s now 27 and in jail for DUI. He was sober for 7 months before that and then relapsed. He says he’s tired of this and wants to change.

I have been going to Al Anon meetings and I think (I hope and pray) that I am finally getting it – that I cannot walk his road for him and that I can only walk my road. If someone wants to keep using they will keep using and there is nothing you can do. I strongly encourage you to go to an Al Anon meeting. There you will meet others in the same or similar situation as yourself. It has helped me immensely.

I also see a counselor, talk to my minister and see a physician’s assistant. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
Please – get some support for yourself.

I hope I have helped you in some way-good luck and I will pray for you-Lynette

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