Intervention Information

by Joyce

What does an intervention cost?

Make Some Calls

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Joyce,

An intervention is tied to treatment, so it is difficult to say exactly what it will cost. Depending on insurance, or a source of funding. I would suggest a call to a treatment center for some basic answers to questions you have. There are in-patient and out-patient programs and many variables to consider.

I would also suggest a call to Al-anon, to assist you in any planning you might need to do. These are people who have been through this process and they can tell you from first-hand experience what to expect. I am sure they can also address financial concerns.

The interventions you see on television aren’t necessarily reflective of what actually goes on. Obviously they want “good television” so take your time and get some solid answers before moving forward. More importantly, get the family together and have an open and frank discussion.

Together you can partner with a professional person to make a plan that will be effective for the person you love.

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