Is 1mg. daily of valium addictive?

by Ginger

(Sacramento, ca)

I’ve been taking 1mg. – 2mg. of valium daily for 2-1/2 months.

Will I have withdrawal symptoms?

Addictive or Not Addictive

by: Ned Wicker


I am assuming that your doctor has prescribed the dosage of valium for you and is closely monitoring your progress. This is very important.

Whether it’s for a short period of time, or over an extended period of time, it’s important to understand how effective the drug is and what possible side effects there might be that would necessitate a change in dosage or drug.

Everybody is different. Some people can do very well on a drug, while others have trouble. This is a good question for your doctor and I encourage you to pick up the phone and make the call. I appreciate your concern.

Is 1 mg……

by: Lynette


Hi-I did not know the answer to your question so I looked on the internet under valium withdrawal and found:



Therapeutic doses of Valium for 6 weeks or longer can result in physical dependence, with symptoms of withdrawal syndrome occurring when the drug is discontinued. With larger doses, physical dependence will develop more rapidly.

After taking diazepam for several weeks, the drug should never be abruptly stopped. The dose should be gradually lowered, over a period of 2 to 4 weeks, in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms.


So, I would definitely check with your doctor before stopping it. -Lynette

1mg. daily of Valium addictive?

by: Anonymous

Yes! Most doctors have no idea of what a person goes through when he tries to stop taking the medication. You can dry cut and taper off over a period of a few months, after the taper, it still may take some time before you get back to normal.
Be patient.

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