Learning to give back

by William J Lowe Sr.

(easthartford ct. 06108 U.S.)

William j Lowe Sr. as a child I started drinking at the age and nine. Because my home environment was killing me emotionally. Soon I started to hang out in the streets more and not having a father I looked up to negative role models in the streets. This conditioned me to have two behaviors one for the home, the other for the streets.

I began hanging around pimps and hustlers, I know now that they are both the same. At one time I could say I was a victim of my environment but today I know I’m a predator of my environment.

At one time people feed off my innocence. Embracing that pain I learned to feed off of other people’s innocence. This is no joke I hurt people because people hurt me.

Today I’m sorry for that behavior I displayed in my past. I have 11 years of recovery, and yet one of the things I try to do is to see things from the street environment and warning my young people about it.

For three days I have been looking at YouTube and I see young ladies trying to do things that I know they have no understanding about. This is a gateway into drugs and prostitution aids and death. You have people selling this ideal to young ladies so that they can make fast money. That is a pimp line, the young ladies have no ideal of what a stripper’s life is like.

If they understood that in this country little boys and girls are being sold into the sex industry, they couldn’t take pride in such risky behavior.

I have to ask myself when I see some of the people on YouTube: Are they being forced to disgraced themselves like this, are they on drugs. Do they not know about aids and how it’s linked to risky behavior. At one time in my life this would be entertainment, today it’s sad. I guess that’s recovery, I pray that the world gets as I have received.

Learning to give back

by: Lynette


Dear William,

CONGRATULATIONS on being clean 11 years. Thank you for sharing your story. It is such a reminder of what drugs can do to your life. I am so glad that you have turned your life around and are now helping others.

I will pray for you-Lynette

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