Looking for program to donate?

by Sherry

I have a son who has just entered a county facility for dual diagnosed persons dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in Los Angeles County, California.

I have read your book “Why Don’t They Just Quit,” and value your message, Joe. Because of the monetary constraints, the program is extremely limited in both time, resources and personnel able to help these people.

Do you have a program in any format which I can purchase to donate to the facility? DVD’s, structured study plans, reading material….anything would be such a great help to many of them.

Kindly advise, and thank you for your livelong efforts!!

Please call me

by: Joe Herzanek

Hi Sherry,

If you will give me a call I’ll be happy to discuss this and see if I can help.

I need to know a little more before I can offer some ideas. The call is free so give me a try at 303.775.6493.

Warm regards, Joe

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