Chrisian AA meetings where is the best place to go?

My fiance would be willing to go to Christian AA meetings?

Where could he begin to go?

We live in new york city.

The Harsh Reality of Drug Addiction


The Harsh Reality of Drug Addiction richardmclaughlin007 – January 18, 2009 – after 11 months of sobriety from drug addiction, in 7 short days this man hits the depths of despair and insanity.

This video was shot in Vancouver’s downtown east-side by the narrator and it is quite extreme.

It shows how common place and and readily available drugs are and how people can succumb to a extreme physical reaction from lack of sleep, nutrition and dehydration.

This video was made for many different reasons, one being educational the other as mentioned earlier it’s common place here in Vancouver.

In any other city or town in North America this man would have received immediate medical attention but here in Vancouver both the police and ambulance just drive by.

If you do not believe me come on down and see our little human circus slash “HARM REDUCTION EXPERIMENT”

This man was spotted two hours later sleeping on a concrete curb as his pillow.

Both the narrator and producer of this video have had spent many years struggling with addiction and have spent hard time in Vancouver’s “NOTORIOUS” downtown east-side.

Today they have escaped and are clean and sober and now dedicate there lives to those who still suffer from “THE HARSH REALITY OF ADDICTION”

All Kinds of Options

by: Ned Wicker

In addition to the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which are held in every community, you may want to consider “Celebrate Recovery” which is a ministry of Saddleback Church in California (Rick Warren) and offered in churches all over the country. O

ff the top of my head I can’t report on anything specific to the New York area, but I am sure a quick tour on the internet will net some results.

However, do not dismiss the AA meetings themselves, as the 12 Step process, although not presented specifically as a Christian program, for a Christian, can be a deeply moving and spiritually significant experience.

So many people have not only gotten on a solid recovery path because of AA, but have also embraced Christianity as a way of understanding God.

Often times, churches will have their own programs, so I am sure a few phone calls and a little Google search will get you to where you want to go.

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