Why is it a constant rollercoaster battle?

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Why is it a constant rollercoaster battle?

by Susie

(Tulsa, OK)

My husband has been doing meth and pills off and on for about 7 years that I am aware of. I feel like the problem was rooted before we met and he will be clean for 6 months or more and then all of the sudden it hits again?

He claims he can stop at anytime and he has but its not long consistent periods of time. I love him dearly and wish he could gain the strength to walk away from all of it forever and never look back.

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Addiction is an EXTREMELY frustrating disease!

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Susie,

Based on what you’ve said I can only imagine the level of frustration you’re experiencing. How can he quit and stay clean and then return to the trap of addiction, over and over again?

Addiction is a disease that attacks the brain and changes the brain’s chemistry. Because your husband has been using for at least seven years, his brain is working against him, so that even when he quits it is constantly telling him he MUST use to feel normal. Once he does use, even a little tiny bit, his brain reverts to how it was at the height of his addiction and the relapse process starts over again.

The 12 step program was specifically created to break the cycle of quitting and relapse. I recommend you find a few Al-anon meetings in your area and begin attending them and working the 12 steps. Al-anon teaches how to love the addict but HATE their addiction.

Once you’re comfortable in Al-anon, then invite your husband to begin attending meetings and working the 12 steps. Encourage him to go to 90 meetings in 90 days. He will likely resist because he thinks he can quit any time he wants, which is what his drug addicted brain is convincing him of.

If you can convince him to start working the steps, then he will begin to move into addiction recovery and out of the pattern of quitting and relapsing.

Good luck,


Don’t give up hope

by: Jamie

If he could stop at anytime for good hun he would have but the truth is Meth is the devil.

I am a recovering addict with 5 months clean but I had to spend 120 days in treatment without that and my daily support group I don’t think anyone could just walk away.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, believe me, but the drug is more powerful and will always come first without treatment. Stand by him, but don’t enable. If you allow him to stay at home when he is in active addiction he has no reason to change. Make his world as uncomfortable as possible for him.

Don’t give up hope everyone no matter how long or how much they use always can recover. Much love to you and will pray for a happy outcome.

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– Matthew 7:7-8

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