Addicted and Afraid!

by Bobby

I am addicted to cocaine and am an alcoholic and am afraid to get help.

Please contact me via mail with information.

Addicted and Afraid!

by: Lynette


Dear Bobby,

Thanks for writing. I think a great place for you to start would be to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (they talk about drug addiction, too. There you will meet others with the same or similar situation as yourself.

I am a recovering alcoholic (haven’t drank for 25 years). When I wanted help I first went to a medical doctor and he advised the meetings. At first I was so scared and nervous to go to a meeting. But, when I went I remember being so amazed at how honest and open the people were.

Or, you could go to a counselor or talk to a clergy.

Please, please get help before things get worse. You could end up in jail or by driving while under the influence and hurting or killing yourself or someone else.

One time I was in court with my son, who has also been struggling with addiction. There was a young lady on trial who had gotten drunk and killed another young lady in a car accident. She was sentenced to ten years.

Trust me – you are NOT alone. There are a lot of people out there who want to help you and I am one of them.

Good luck and I’ll pray for you-Lynette

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