Retreat from the high to normalcy.

by Jim

(Oakland CA)

Is there any substance one can take when high on crack cocaine to return quickly to normalcy or does one just have to wait through the withdrawal?

Short High

by: Ned Wicker

The high from crack cocaine usually lasts five to ten minutes. Many users keep taking hits, using more and more drug. The side effects of this illegal drug include many devastating health risks.

The high may not last long, but normalcy is questionable. The drug alters brain chemistry, which can cause long term, traumatic damage.

Retreat from the high to normalcy

by: Lynette

Hi Jim-

I appreciate Ned’s comments.

I’d also like to say that whether it is you or someone else using cocaine – please get some help.

My son took cocaine this past summer. He was having hallucinations, thinking someone was after him. He was screaming out the window at “the person” he saw out there.

My neighbor came over to the house but he would not let him in, telling him that someone was trying to get him. We were away and our neighbor called us and said we should come home, so we did, ruining a great visit with my family.

We called a relative and they came over to our house while we were traveling home, but eventually he told them that he had to get out of here and drove off.

I still feel guilty today that I did not call the police to find him because he could have hurt or killed himself or someone else. My husband finally found him parked at a store.

Therefore, I have experienced the frightening and horrific results of cocaine use first hand. Now my son is in jail for another incident of driving while under the influence of drugs – one of them cocaine.

It is very serious and also heartbreaking for the family and friends of the person.

A great start for help could be going to a medical doctor or a counselor and to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous.

Good luck-Lynette

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