by Mary

(Bluff Dale, Texas, USA)

Is MDMA additive?

Bad Idea

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Mary,

Before we get into potential for MDMA addiction, let’s pause a minute to think about the garbage that accompanies this drug. Besides the drug, what is in the pills?

Bottom line–you really don’t know what you’re buying out there on the street and what you’re putting into your body may cause serious issues. You may think you know, but you don’t.

MDMA (aka ecstacy) is supposed to give the user pleasure, although coming down from the drug it can be rather nasty like a hangover from alcohol.

Something that gives pleasure quite naturally is something the user wants to repeat, so psychological addiction would be more the case, not a physical dependence.

When a person feels safe and secure, when they feel relaxed and experience pleasure, they are more likely to fall victim to poor judgment and make bad choices.

For example, they might not understand the risk of unprotected sex, or worse yet, put themselves in harm’s way because their ability to reason is impaired. The short story is a person on MDMA is vulnerable to a variety of health maladies.

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