Meth Addiction: Keren’s Story

This is very difficult for me to write and share but if it helps just one young person out there who is considering taking meth not too, then it is worth the tears I shed writing this article.

Never in my worst nightmares would I ever have imagined the heartbreaking destruction and horror the eight months my daughter Keren and my family endured from June 2005 to March 2006, when the
mind and life of my beautiful, strong willed talented, and kind daughter, was destroyed by methamphetamine.

Keren lived life to the fullest and shared her life with me her mom, her dad, Steven, two brothers, James and Eric, and numerous family and friends.

Everyone, who came in contact with my special young daughter, remembers her as strong, kind, loving, headstrong caring, and fun to be around.

Keren was working and attending the University of Houston, majoring in psychology. She always received straight A’s in all of her subjects. She won awards for her artwork and was a talented singer. Keren’s future plans included joining the Peace Corps, traveling and living abroad.

My caring beautiful daughter loved being alive and enjoyed life with her family friends and cats. All of this changed, when she became involved with Meth.

Keren was very health conscious, and when she gained more weight than usual, she started attending a gymnasium to work out and lose the extra 10 pounds.

Her personal trainer, who later became her boyfriend, introduced her to Meth.

Although my daughter was against any type of drugs, her personal trainer/boyfriend persuaded her that Meth would accelerate her weight loss and
give her energy for college.

But still I have to remember Keren was 22 at the time and it was her decision to take the meth she could have said no.

In no time, Keren was hooked. She broke up with her boyfriend, but at this stage, it was already too late for her. Meth had started to destroy her mind.

I once read where a Dr said every time you sniff meth it is like taking a spoon and scoping out some of your brain matter.

In October 2005, Keren was hospitalized for a week at which time the doctors informed me and her dad that Keren’s mind was probably already permanently
damaged by the drug.

Keren began hallucinating and imagined that demons were after her to kill her.

At one point, she thought that she was the Virgin Mary and had to sacrifice herself to save the world.

My family and I lived in constant fear for Keren. My daughter was also terrified of what was happening to her. She was frightened of everything and was running from one place to another. At that time she moved to Austin for three months. I presume she thought by moving she would return to her normal state of mind.

She was in such a state of paranoia and couldn’t make it through this horror alone.Keren’s close friends tried to help Keren but were powerless
to do so. I will always love her close girlfriends for trying to get through to Keren.

My daughter and I were always very close. On Friday night, March 17, 2006, we were in the kitchen, when Keren suddenly asked me, “Mom, will you love me forever?”

For the first time since this nightmare began I was afraid my daughter would try to hurt herself. “You wouldn’t do anything to yourself Keren right? You know it would kill all of us, including your eighty year old grandmother.” I said to her.

Keren answered me calmly, “Don’t worry, Mom. I won’t die.”Even though at this point the drugs were altering her mind beyond repair. I still never really thought she would commit suicide.

I guess I was in Denial

I now feel when Keren said she wouldn’t die she really meant that her soul would live on, after her physical body was gone.

The night of March 17 2006 Keren came into my bedroom and sat with me on my bed. She put her hand in mine and told me she loved me. I thought to myself maybe she is getting better, just maybe she will be herself again. I went to bed that night hoping with all my heart.

The next day Saturday March 18 I went to work for my 12-hour shift at 7 a.m. My Husband Steven came home from Night work at 8 am and went right to bed.

Shortly after 5 p.m., while I was still at
work my husband called me sobbing uncontrollably. I knew right away Keren had died and told him I will be right home. Dazed and in severe shock, I drove home.

As the news of Keren’s death spread through my circle of family and friends, my cell phone rang continuously. It was then that I realized I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying to me. I actually could not understand the English language. Everyone’s words sounded garbled and
unintelligible. Later I was told this was because I was in such severe shock.

I remember praying the entire way home, begging God to not let it be true. Although in my heart I knew it was so.

My last image of my beautiful daughter at home was the coroner putting my daughter already in a body bag in the hearse. With that reality, it finally hit me and I remember just falling on my knees and screaming and screaming.

Methamphetamine has long term effects, such as functional and molecular changes in the brain. It causes anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, and violent behavior.

Meth addicts also display a number of psychotic features, including paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions. Meth dealers cut the drug with various dangerous household chemicals like Drano and brick cleaner these chemicals also alter the brain.

After Keren’s death, I found her journal with this line written in very shaky handwriting:

“God if you are so powerful, why do you want me to do this? Why do I have to sacrifice myself to prove my love to you and save the world?”

It was dated March 18 2006 the day she died; this is the extent to which Meth destroyed a talented, rational young woman with a wonderful future. It turned her from a healthy young woman into a delusional and paranoid psychotic. A promising future came to a tragic end with suicide.

Everyone in Keren’s life was completely devastated by her death. No one knew the person Keren became as a result of taking Meth. Her loss is felt by
everyone who ever met her and shared her life. I will miss my daughter every minute of my life as her dad, brothers, family and friends will and I will always wonder how her life would have turned out had she not been introduced to meth.

Although my daughter’s cause of death is listed as suicide, Meth killed Keren as surely as a murderer with a gun in his hand.

My sons were influenced by an evil father

by: Anonymous

I had four sons..two are now dead….and i know that the influence of a father who systematically set out to destroy and kill any good in them and introduce them to drugs/sex lawlessness etc…from the day they were born….

I tried so hard to save them and rescue them from this person to no avail.

In fact the two sons who loved me in word and deed…..they are the ones who are now dead….and drugs have a large part in their deaths…

My oldest is a meth/alcoholic..
and my youngest…the two who are still living…is also a drug/alcoholic….i don’t know his drug of fact it’s like he boasts in his drug taking..


i’ve always and always will wonder why is it the two sons who took after me their mother in their hearts…..why were they the ones to die????

i am thankful for the memories and their love…

the other two.. are lost….i have no hope they will ever escape from the clutches from the evil of their father and their own choices…they don’t even want to and it’s like they think I’m the evil parent..

i know i’m not perfect.. but the love from my two sons who are now descended proves to me…..they know i loved them….

all for now…


My dear friend

by: Anonymous

Reading this just makes tears roll out of my eyes… Keren was such a good friend and I miss her so very much…

Addiction to Alcohol

by: Peggy Warden.

Addiction is a disease of the mind and the entire family becomes sick.

My son, Todd Christopher Warden died at the age of 35. While he had abused many substances over several years, it was his alcoholism that held him prisoner for most of his life. The first time he came home drunk, he was 11. I was devastated and did all I could to make sure it never happened again.

The reality of it was, there was nothing I could do to stop the disease from progressing. And while, I was not aware of him drinking again until he was about 13, it was happening.

By the time his first child was born, he was out of control and his high school sweetheart had to call it quits.

He was a hard worker and because alcoholism works much slower that meth, the effects can be drawn out over a longer period of time.

He became a prisoner to alcohol and by the time he was 32, he was having a difficult time keeping a job even though he was a brilliant mechanic. The kind that other mechanics, with twice as many years experience, would come to for advise.

Through the gift of AL-NON, I was able to maintain a good relationship with him. I learned to stop showing him only disappointment. And I was blessed with a loving relationship with the beautiful man that was not the disease.

I raised him alone. His father & I divorced when he was 2. He was not active in Todd’s life by his own choice. And I often wondered if that was part of the reason for Todd’s lack of self esteem, and ultimately his addiction.

Todd left this earth on July 12,2009, he gave me 4 wonderful grandchildren that must grow up without the guidance of their dad. Life can be so unfair. However, I am so blessed to have all the beautiful memories of the kind and loving heart Todd possessed.

I pray for peace and comfort for all who have lost a loved one to addiction of any kind. And look forward to seeing my dear Todd again. Free from pain and finally at peace.

How brave you are

by: barb affinito

I myself am in recovery and Karen I can not tell you how brave you are to share your loss. Others will read this and it will be heard.

Her life and her death will make a powerful difference in many lives. I pray for you daily and for your family.

My life is dedicated to helping other addicts find recovery and never giving up on anyone. We all deserve that chance.

What a brave woman you are!

Barb Affinito

Heroin Overdose

by: Joan Uhlig

My son died of a heroin overdose in 2002, 6 years after the death of his adored older brother in a traffic accident.

He had such a terrible sense of survivor’s guilt. I hesitated to tell all but a few close friends how he died.

Some just think:

“Another drug addict..who cares..they did it to themselves”

But addiction is such a cunning debilitating disease. When your child dies of an overdose,its so easy to beat yourself up and feel like you failed him.

I found him in the basement on the floor and tried to bring him back with CPR while my daughter was on the phone with the 911 operator.

I was desperately trying to breathe life back into the sweet kid I had given life to. He was a kind-hearted, gentle soul-a loving young man.

He had so many great qualities . I’m so sorry I failed you Jason but I love you and your brother with all my heart…

You were NOT “just another drug addict.” I love you. May you finally be at peace. I feel as if I failed you. Please forgive me


by: Linda Garets mom

I always say that the gun that my son put to his head on December 29th 2009 is not what killed him it was the heroin and I hate that drug for taking an amazing beautiful 24 year old man…

my first love go to my blog at Garet Allen Bromley it tells the same story we are all battling

Love to you all that are sharing my loss

Tragic Choice

by: Ned Wicker

Keren’s story is so very tragic. It is the story of two people, the lovely and talented Keren with a bright future and the Keren meth caused. It is the story of one very bad decision. It is heart-breaking to say the least.

Meth robbed her of life, of purpose and of her relationships. It destroyed her mind. One of her last statements gives us a little insight into a spirit crying out for answers.

Keren wrote,

“God if you are so powerful, why do you want me to do this? Why do I have to sacrifice myself to prove my love to you and save the world?”

Keren had made a free-will decision to take the meth, but self-destruction is all addiction has to offer. God had created a beautiful, intelligent and talented young woman. Such a fine creation is not something to be cast aside, but rather something to be loved and cherished.

Keren was created to love. Addiction, on the other hand, only destroys. It seeks out any target, regardless of their age, education or circumstance. Once addiction has a foothold, it squeezes until there is no life left. The loss is staggering.

Parents cannot always prevent a disaster. People make bad choices and those choices bring painful consequences.

The loss of a child is something no parent should have to endure, but the sad reality for so many parents in our drug culture is their having to experience the unthinkable. My heart goes out to those parents.

May God’s grace and compassion bring healing to their hearts and comfort to their souls.

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