My friend’s is addicted to pills?

I think my friend is in denial, she recently went to rehab after coming clean that she has addition with Vicodin. She was only in rehab a week now she saying alcohol is worse then pills, so my question to you is alcohol a worse addition?

Legal but Terrible

by: Ned Wicker

Most drugs that are used for recreation act on the brain and will leave the system relatively quickly, like between 12-48 hours, give or take.

However, unlike most other drugs, alcohol, generally speaking, gets into every pour, all the internal organs and so the complications can be severe. I once asked an intensive care unit manager about the role that alcohol plays on her unit. She said that 75 percent of the problems they treated in this medical/respiratory ICU, had an alcohol component.

“It’s highly toxic and creates medical challenges,” she said.

Withdrawal from alcohol, unlike some other drugs, can be deadly and so medical intervention is needed. Any kind of drug use disorder, whether alcohol or Vicodin, is serious, but I would agree with your friend. Alcohol is particularly troublesome.

I hope she stays in treatment and completes her program.

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