My sisters smoke K2 (incense)

by Victoria


My baby sister, 15 years old, has recently started down a dangerous path that is worrying everyone in the family. Though my mother is in college for drug abuse counseling, she isn’t doing much about the matter except for sending her to counseling.

She’s been smoking K2 with my older sister, 24 years old, on a regular basis. My older sister has been addicted to alcohol, pot, and now K2 for years. But my baby sister has recently started doing all of it.

She’s getting in fights in school, shutting down from everyone around her, dating guys that beat her or encourage her habits, and alienating everyone who cares for her. I live on the completely opposite side of the country, and have no idea what I can do to help her.

Whether it be organizing an intervention with my family in that state, having my dad fight for her custody, or have her spend a night in jail to kick her out of it. She’s never been arrested before, but she’s getting dangerously close to getting put there. She use to be an angel. Always sweet and talked to me about everything.

After my dad was remarried and she was molested (possibly more) by a man in his 40’s she’s gone WAY down hill…I need help. I don’t know what to do. I just know that I HAVE to do SOMETHING!!!! My big sister has been arrested a couple times, and has had miscarriages because of her alcohol and drug use… But she’s yet to waver from her abuse.

Am I even able to help either of them!? I’m scared…. I fear for my sisters. What can I do?

Little Girl in Trouble

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Victoria,

Your older sister has acted stupidly and irresponsibly in introducing your younger sister to the drug world. The K2 is illegal in many communities, mainly because you don’t what’s in that garbage and you don’t know what you’re putting into your body.

The K2, the marijuana and the alcohol in combination are putting a 15 year-old girl squarely in the path of addiction, a ruined life and a very unhappy one. The problem you have is that both need to go into treatment.

You say that everyone in the family is concerned? Good. Your mother should wake up. Counseling isn’t the answer for your little sister, but rules, boundaries and limitations will help. She needs treatment as she is in jeopardy of hurting herself seriously, both her health and her reputation. The brain of a 15 year-old can’t handle the drugs. She may have a capacity for drinking and smoking, but the ramifications of that are dire.

Your older sister is also a child. The very fact that she’d do this to her little sister shows a callousness reserved only for self-absorbed teenage drama queens.

She has been using for many years and her ability to reason as an adult has been compromised. I fear, both for her and her younger sister, that using these gateway drugs will soon lead to more powerful and deadly drug use.

Get the family together and seek professional help. Get everybody on the same page and make sure the goal is to get both of them into treatment.

Call treatment centers for counsel. Call your doctor. Call Al-anon. Call a local church that offers addiction recovery, as the disease is not just physical and mental, but spiritual. For a 15 year-old to be that out of control is worrisome, as 15 year-olds have enough trouble just being 15. Add the drugs to that and you have a huge concern.

It’s not just a phase. She won’t get over it. If she uses, she’ll be in trouble. When she switches to heroin, or cocaine, or meth her life will spiral downward. It’s going to happen. Count on it. Get the family together and form a plan. This is time for everybody to pull together and act.

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