Nothing makes him stop!

by Nellie

(South Africa)

I want all this addiction to go away. If my son does not want to be helped is there anything I can do to assist without costing a lot of money which I don’t have.

At this stage he is costing me more every month as I am trying to help but nothing seems to make him stop?


by: Ned Wicker

Dear Nellie,

It sounds like he does his drugs and you pay for everything. You pay for his home, his food and you do all of the worrying. He doesn’t have to stop using drugs because you are there to support him. He has a problem and he has made it YOUR problem. Why should he quit? There are no consequences.

He needs treatment and he needs to take responsibility. If you let him behave badly, he will never stop. You need to take control and make some rules for your home. You also need help. Go to to find meetings in South Africa.

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