Will suboxone work to detox from herion?

by Joe Smith

(Albany, NY)

I currently am addicted to Heroin and would like to detox with Suboxone but I am scared it won’t help and I will still be sick from withdrawals.

I don’t want to go on Methodone because the nearest treatment has a 100 people on the waiting list or over an hour drive which i would have to drive every day for 3 months.

Has anyone used Suboxone to detox from Heroin and did it work?

Individual Needs

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Joe,

The ideal treatment program, from detoxification to recovery, is designed individually for the person. This is a conversation you need to have with professional people, as they will work with you to determine what is best for you.

For many Suboxone has proven to be effective, and you are quite right, methadone clinics are sometimes invonveniently located. You should slso consider a medical workup to determine your over all health.

You might also want to consider only using the Suboxone for the shorted requiste time. Some have made bad decisions.

Make sure it is under a doctor’s care and don’t buy this on the street.

There is hope and you probably can do well. Call a treatment center or call your doctor and make sure your program works.

Methadone’s not a good choice

by: Anonymous

Plus, Methadone can just replace the heroin. It’s basically a legalized way to get high. It’s just legal drug use. My ex-boyfriend just got addicted to it instead of the heroin.

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