Drug Dreams In Recovery: What Do They Mean?

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Drug Dreams In Recovery: What Do They Mean?

by Rose Lockinger

It’s happened again, you have had a dream that you relapsed. In the dream, you suddenly found yourself using, and have come to the horrifying realization that you have lost your sobriety date and have just ruined everything you worked so hard for.

You wake up in a panic, filled with fear, guilt and shame. Then you realize it was just a dream. Perhaps you try to go back to sleep, but you can’t, because you are so disturbed by it.

What does it mean?

Does it mean that you are going to relapse?

Does it mean that you still want to use?

The answer is no. Not at all. Dreams of drug use and relapse are common. Often times leaving in their wake cravings that are important for you to work through.” However, it is important to pay attention to them, because there are two main types of drug dreams. Let’s talk about the other one.

Euphoric Recall And Drug Dreams

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