Questions from September 2010

by Sabrina

I really need help, I have a drinking and drug problem which is getting worse.

I feel suicidal as well I can’t take no more!

My mother owns my home. This week, she has threatened me with eviction because I have been on suboxone.

Can she do this?

by Sangay Penjor


I have been using the narcotic substances for the last 3 years. Now i have realized the bad effect and I want to quit this habit but i cannot..its withdrawal frightens me & it would kill me. please help me.

I am addicted to blue colored capsule medically termed as spasmo proxyvon. I have been taking these drugs now for the last 3 years without missing even for a day.

My intake or daily dose is 10- 12 capsules a day. It starts with 4 capsules with tea in the morning sometimes before meal and other times after meals. However it is better when taken after meal because it does not effect in nausea. I mean I can enjoy the effect of the drugs.

Then I take 2 capsules during the lunch time and another 2 capsules at tea time and then followed by another 4 capsules in the evening at around 6pm.

I know that I am addicted to it and cant do away but due to my family pressure I want to leave this habit since I don’t want to depend on it for my entire life and it has repeatedly led to family problem/misunderstanding.

I want to quit this habit because recently stopped taking this drug for one day and I had very awful experience of the withdrawal effects of not consuming these drugs. i thought that i am going to die. It really frightens me.

When i am not taking these capsules, I feel very sick and depressed. It starts with headache, running nose, body pains especially the joints and back. Loss of appetite, not active, aggression and worst of all, it frightens me when I try to go to sleep. in extreme cases i get bed ridden and feel very restless. Then it is followed by insomnia and I get neuron shock now and then when I try to go to sleep and to some extent I cannot breathe properly also.

I feel that m going to die without it. I even tried beer n whiskey but its not working and moreover I don’t like liquor. Due to this i have relapsed and now again i am into it.

Since I have the the bad experience of its withdrawal and I have gone through this worst time when i tried to quit, I want you to advice me how to go about it since it frightens me. I want to know what are the other remedies, other substitute drugs to detox.

i want to know how to overcome this dangerous withdrawal effects and other symptoms. Please help me as I want to quit this habit.

Looking forward for your advice and appropriate medical treatment. please help me.

by Hena

After suspecting drug use by my sister for months/years, just found stash of pills, prescriptions, snorting tubes in her room.

Flushed it all down the toilet.

I’m acting emotionally and need help figuring out the best way to help her?

by Vincenzo

I cant get off Subutex!

It’s horrible

Is there any hope?

Today I came home From class and I took a nap

When I woke I was very depressed and I thought why are you so depressed

I realized I only took 8mg of Subutex-Suboxone this morning because I am trying to get off,

I feel this way

I then took 4mg

Withing 1.25hrs all my symptoms disappeared

It’s very scary and it prevents me from going down any further

Anyway, after taking 4mg more

I felt much better

Is there any hope or will I be on this ____ forever.

I want to be drug free for the rest of my life,

has the chemistry of brain changed forever?

I was addicted to cocaine on ad off for 10 YEARS years.. Went thru the textbook pattern of losing everything…

I have been sober and healthy and happy for 8 years this Christmas.. I have an amazing boyfriend we have been together for 3 years and are buying a house and moving in one week from today. He knows of my addiction…how I destroyed relationships and suffered and is so very proud of me now…

BUT…last night he says to me… Sweetie …are you doing drugs again.. because all day today you’ve been wiping your nose.. We were packing all day it was hot and my nose was running like a faucet!… He has never questioned me…I am soooo past that and told him absolutely not… I would never go thru that living hell again…

BUT now I am sad and distraught that he would even think such a thing… I know that part of being an addict is for the rest of my life people will worry that I will slip… I just don’t know how to process him questioning me…

by Priyam Basu

(West Bengal, India)

Respected Joe,

I was doubting that my elder brother has been getting addicted to drugs and alcohol, but in the last 2-3 months he is becoming more and more
addicted. He is missing his work often.

We want to take him to the medical practitioner as soon as possible.

If you tell us how will we treat with him and take him back to the regular life, I will be grateful to you.

Your faithfully,

-Priyam Basu

by Syrell

(quezon city, manila philippines)

Does the environment has something to do with drug abuse?

by Mother

(Saskatchwan, Regina, Canada)

My 21yr old daughter is drinking alcohol now mostly everyday she had my 4yr grandson, I’m worried he might get taken away what can I do?

I have been taking perk 30’s for over 2 years. I had a good job but just got fired for stealing from work. I took $3500 in tools and pawned them.

I was going to put them back on payday but did not make it that far. I may have charges and want to get it behind me and make a better life for my self.

What should I do if I go to jail to get the help I need and get help with getting off of it?

by Debora

How many times can someone do drugs before they get really sick or die from it?

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