Is my daughter a heroin addict?

by Mary

How can I find out if my daughter is addicted to heroin?

Is there a test I can get blood or urine?

Addiction is a Progression

by: Ned Wicker

If you suspect your daughter is addicted to heroin one of the first things you can do is to get her to a doctor for a physical examination.

Does she show the signs of addiction?

Has she lost interest in her friends, in work or school, in your family, in life in general?

Does she live with you?

Does she steal from you, or lie to you, or miss appointments and important meetings?

Your observation of her life should give you all the signs you need. Treatment is the only viable solution to heroin addiction.

People say they will quit, they may even want to quit, but the addiction has them by the throat. You need to get your daughter into treatment.

You also need help and support and Al-Anon is an excellent organization to turn to. Its members have been through what you are experiencing, so let them help.

Is my daughter…

by: Lynette


Dear Mary,

I can definitely relate to your fears. My son is an addict who is in jail and who, hopefully, is now in recovery from addiction.

Anyhow, he was SO good at hiding everything and I also turned a blind eye as they say, which in Al Anon is called DENIAL. I knew he was in trouble but I thought I just needed to help him to get some help.

I tried everything I could to try to help him. Nothing helped. After going to Al Anon I FINALLY realized that I could NOT help him and that the only way he could get help was to do it himself.

I agree with Ned’s comments. If he is willing you should go to a medical doctor and they will advise you what to do and tell you the signs of heroin addiction. I know one is seeing needle marks on their body.

I also would highly recommend that you go to an Al Anon meeting. There you will meet others going through the same or similar problems as yourself. They talk about alcoholism and drug addiction, too. Also, they stress working on taking care of yourself.

Best wishes and I’ll pray for you-Lynette

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