Broken Home

by Katy


I started using drugs when I was 13 years old. I remember sitting in my bathroom with one of my friends smoking weed out of a soda can.

I couldn’t believe the feeling I had it was amazing. I felt like nothing could hurt me, nothing could bother me. I was invincible.

I never figured that, that first time of smoking that weed would lead me into a 3 year spiral of about six different drug addictions. I went from smoking a little weed now and then to cocaine.

I was in the back yard of my house with one of my friends that was staying over and he had it in a little baggie. We went behind the shop and he told me to just snort it up my nose. I put my head down and just breathed that white powder line up my nose.

It burned like crazy, but man did it feel good. I was completely numb. My teeth felt like they weren’t there. It Felt amazing. I was just turning 14 at that time. My freshman year of high school was wear it really began.

I was hanging out with these three people i new and i was smoking weed everyday, i would dip it in promithozine to get a better effect. I was drinking every weekend, having sex with people i didn’t even barely know.

I started snorting coke again like three weeks before school got out for the summer, I skipped the last three weeks of school to get high. I decided to stay with this new friend i met over the summer, not two weeks after summer started i found out what speed was.

My friend told me to get that straw right there and to snort that line right there really fast. I instantly did what she told me, i knew how good coke felt i new this was gunna be good too. I snorted that line and man did it burn a whole lot worse than the coke did.

But it was the best high i had experienced yet. It was amazing. i just wanted to keep snorting it, the whole summer before my sophomore year i smoked and snorted coke, and speed. I was smoking weed still, but it wasn’t as good of a high as the meth.

when sophomore year started i met this new friend. I thought she was the coolest person ever. She introduced me to ecstasy.

That feeling absolutely topped all the other ones. When i started using all these drugs at the same time. i started to not come home any more. I was just about to turn 15 years old.

i was running away, and threatening my parents. I had already been arrested for theft, and picked up like 6 times for runaway. I was going to all these peoples house and meeting new people, doing more and more drugs.

when i finally turned 16 i was out of control i need drugs to sleep because i’d be up for days on end i was 180ibs on my 16th birthday, my grandparents finally brought me to a psychiatrist and she called the police on me, i was arrested and processed.

When they weighed me i was 103 ibs. i had lost that much weight in 3 months. I was horrible looking i had sores on my face, my clothes were just falling off of me, i was abusive, mean, and hateful.

I would hurt anybody that came into my life, it was emotional hurt i would screw you over so bad. I ended up going to Laurel Ridge Rehabilitation Center on February 5th 2009.

When i was released i went through hell i wasn’t allowed to do anything or see anybody. I had to lose all my friends. But it was what was best. It is February 9th 2010 now. I am almost a year clean i have 3 more days.

I feel so much better.

I’ve gained all my weight back and i even graduated high school early. I found the love of my life and my family thinks the world of me still.

I don’t know what i’d of done with out any of them but im so thankful everyday!

by: RefindYourWay

I know how it is to be in the vicious circle of drugs and how good it feels getting out of it. Congratulations, you are a hero!

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