My son admitted he has a problem with meth after five years?

by Liz

(Los Angeles California )

My son admitted after five years he has a problem with meth. I have known for five years that he has an addiction to crystal meth. I thought I would feel relief but I feel sad.

He Admitted is Good

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Liz,
On the one hand you are sad because your son is addicted to a deadly, life-wrecking substance. However, he admitted it. This is good and the first step towards getting clean.

He needs treatment, and don’t tell me he says he can do it on his own. That’s a lie. You need to encourage him to go in and get help.

Are you supporting him?

Do you slip him rent money?

Are you part of the problem?

You need treatment too and that’s where groups like Al-Anon come in, to help you with your issues. You are worried about your son, but do you take care of yourself?

If your son is willing to allow treatment to move forward, he will have a good chance of getting better. That’s the goal you need to focus on.

Anything that gets in the way is nothing more than a smoke screen and increases the very real possibility of him dying a young man. Get in there and fight.

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