My son is addicted to drugs?

by Janelle

My son is 20 yrs old and abuses/addicted to drugs. He moved away to Texas at Thanksgiving to start a new life and came home for a visit in March and has no plans to leave.

Pattern has started all over again.

Question: We are tapped out financially barely hanging on to our home. He is an adult, does not live here, and has no job since the move… how do we find help?

We have been doing this since the 8th grade and he has been in two residential rehabs.

P.S. I also forgot to mention he was diagnosed with adhd and he attempted suicide when he was 15.

My family of addicts

by: Anonymous


I just wanted to write and tell you i feel your pain. I grew up in a house full of addicts my mother and father were doing drugs with my 10 year old brother.

To this day my brother is a full blown heroin user. I feel like he didn’t have a chance. i recently wrote a book called a child lost explaining what happens to a person when you put them through this. it is terrible and you never fully recover.

I also made a blog for teens to come on and vent there feelings about living with an addict or anyone for that matter i would love it if you stop by. it is My life has change over the years i have three great kids and have never touched a drug but for the rest of my siblings that is not the case.

I want to thank you for letting me comment on your page and hope you will stop by.

My son is addicted to drugs

by: Lynette



I can definitely relate to your story. My son has been using drugs since he was 14 and he is now 27. He is now in jail for DUI. He was clean for 7 months when he last got out of jail about 1 1/2 years ago. When he got, out we let him come live at home (he had been living with his girlfriend before that). Then, he relapsed.

Over the years I tried EVERYTHING to help him and spent thousands of dollars. Then I started taking the Al Anon program seriously and FINALLY realized that the reason it didn’t help him was that he really didn’t want help. Every time he came out of a rehab. or jail he went right back to using.

Now, I think he finally has had it and he says he wants to stop this lifestyle and get really into Alcoholics Anonymous. That is his walk.

Through many channels I am finally learning to walk my own walk and to take care of myself and to do things I like to do. Before, I had become a mess (about 4 years ago)from trying to take care of him and not thinking of myself. Since then I have been changing.

What I’m trying to say is please – go to an Al Anon meeting. Also, you could speak to a drug and alcohol counselor (I see a counselor), talk to a clergy and perhaps a medical doctor (I do both of those also). Don’t try to figure it out on your own because if you love your son he will probably get you to help him and to feel sorry for him – addicts are so good at that-I’m speaking from my own experience. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Get some support – it certainly has helped me immensely.

Good luck and I will pray for you and your son-Lynette

Stop doing for him .

by: Anonymous

Tell him how you feel about his addiction. You may have heard this before but its time for him to want want to get help . You can only help someone if they want to be helped . I know he is your son but you cant let his addiction control your life . Live for you . Not for the addiction. Make him understand your seriousness . You need to tell him that you will no longer provide for him to continue using drugs .

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