My son is on heroin

by Tami

(Maryland )

My 21 yr old son admitted last night that he is on heroin.Wwe saw “track” marks on his arm. he says that he wants help but, will not go into inpt rehab & will not talk to a “crazy” dr. (psycharist).

I am a nurse & have some resources available.we have good health insurance. i am not sure what the next step is or should be. My son has a 1 yr old daughter, he is not working & looks like a concentration camp refugee.

I am scared for him.

As far as i know, there has been no treatment attempts made. i personally want to just go “take” him out of his apt & drag him kicking & screaming to a rehab center. (although, i beleive the law says i can’t do this) he is my son & his family loves & cares about him very much.

He has had 2 open heart surgeries 4 yrs ago. I have tried to research this drug on the internet & researching treatment centers as well. i can find alot of information about the drug however, its hard to find out much/any information about any treatment centers.

Please help me (my son) with any information of what the 1st step should be? do i take him to a family dr & go from there or what?


I do not want to have to bury my youngest son because of an overdose. Omgosh, what would i tell his 1yr old daughter? this is breaking my heart, i have not slept or eaten since he has told me this. i am thinking that him telling me this is the 1 STEP in asking for help?

Thank you!!!!

No Treatment Not An Option

by: Ned Wicker

Those with the disease will often, if not most of the time, avoid, refuse or otherwise turn away from any discussion concerning their treatment. Your son will have every excuse, like not wanting to talk to the “crazy doctor.”

Using heroin is crazy, not treatment. His heart disease is nothing to fool with either. You need to talk to someone from a treatment center and get some recommendations on how to get your son into treatment, but understand he will fight you.

He will say that you are wrong, that he doesn’t have a problem, so be ready to put up with a lot of nonsense. You can also talk to your doctor.

Al-Anon is a terrific source for information and guidance. Also, the entire family needs to be on the same page. He will try to divide and conquer. manipulating a member to get his way. Be smart and be in charge.

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