My 16 year old son tested positive for TIK and DAGGA during a random drug test done at school. He was suspended for 3 days. He went for counseling last year and I thought he was doing good for the last couple of months…he almost seemed his old self again.

I am angry, disappointed and sad at the same time. The school requires that I have written confirmation that he is in a programme but he refuses to go for any counseling because he feels that he can handle this.

I have insisted that he goes to counseling or consider rehab but he wants to hear nothing. He has not used for the last 11 days.

What do I do?

Who’s Running the House?

by: Ned Wicker

Your teenager is dependent on you for food, shelter and clothing. Your teenager is the one with the problem and in need of help. Don’t be his friend, be his parent.

If the school requires counseling in order for him to get an education, he goes to counseling, period. You run the house, not him.

He’s the one who used the drugs and made the bad decisions, so do not look to your son for leadership. The disease will cause him to lie, manipulate and he is not in a position yet to make a responsible decision, especially any decision that will impact his health, his education and his future.

Take charge and set the rules and boundaries.

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