My wonderful granddaughter is using drugs?

by John

My very bright granddaughter-very high math scores- a cheerleader captian- has thrown that overboard and began using Ecstasy and marijuana and I don’t know what to do.

Do you wait until she hits rock bottom, or am I able to do something now. Both of her parents, who share custody, are at a loss as what to do, and are doing nothing.

I cannot stand by and watch what happens to my granddaughter.

My wonderful granddaughter is using drugs?

by: Lynette


Dear John,

My son has been using drugs and alcohol for 13 years. I spent years rescuing him – taking him to rehab., bailing him out, getting him lawyers.

After the first several years of this I had a breakdown myself because all I thought about was helping him and did not take care of myself.

He is now in jail for driving while impaired by drugs and is waiting to go into a state mandated rehab. (where he can’t walk out).

I’m saying all of this to let you know that I can certainly sympathize with you. Secondly, I believe my best suggestion is for you to go to an Al Anon meeting – it is for friends and family of alcoholics and we also talk about drugs. They stress taking care of yourself and many other things.

If you could get your granddaughter to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, too, that would be great. Then she may see and hear the dire consequences of using drugs and alcohol from other members there. If she won’t go then, I believe, the only other thing you can do is to talk to her and to pray for her.

I have learned that you cannot CONTROL what she does (believe me, I tried with my son). Many people, unfortunately, have to hit bottom before they will see that they need help to quit.

After being in jail for a year and getting out last November we really thought my son had hit bottom and he was getting help. But, he had a relapse and ended up in jail again.

It is extremely sad but now I am practicing “tough love” and not helping him AT ALL. Per Al Anon, the person must really receive all the consequences of their destructive behavior and not be rescued because that is actually hurting them. If you can, look up tough love on your computer.

Best of luck to you and I will say a prayer for you. -Lynette

You Need Help Too

by: Ned Wicker

It’s important to know the enemy when you go into battle, and that’s just what you have on your hands. You need to know addiction and drug abuse.

The AA meetings idea is solid.

Likewise, Al-Anon is for people like you who aren’t willing to just sit on the sidelines while a beautiful young person throws her life away. Mom and dad may have messed her up. Joint custody is just another way of trying to put a pretty face on divorce and kids are always the victims.

If she has turned away from her favorite activities and is sliding down the drug hillside, something hurts. She needs help.

Find out what hurts.

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