Niece hooked on heroin?


Why can’t I find a drug rehab that insurance will pay for long-term residential treatment in Massachusetts?

My niece is in detox but we can’t find a place to get treatment for her, she needs dual diagnosis. Any got any ideas. She has tried out patient many times and has failed.

Keep Looking

by: Ned Wicker

Let your fingers do the walking. We do not give recommendations on treatment centers, but we can offer a couple of places to call for your first exploration. Go to Google and start searching.

Even though your niece has failed many times, it is not because the treatment program did not work. Addiction starts out as a disease of the brain, but understand that the damage that is done goes beyond the neuro connections and physical workings of the brain. Addiction progresses and becomes a disease of the soul, as it robs us of our ability to choose, our ability to think outside of ourselves and corrupts our capacity for forming meaningful relationships. That is why we believe that a 12 Step program is essential to bringing back the entire person. It borrows from all of the psychotherapeutic theories, but at the same time addresses the spirituality of the person. We are all spiritual beings, whether atheist or ardent believer, so the spiritual is important. People fail at rehab because they shut down the process and refuse to take an inner look at themselves. Maybe her next try will be a success. It isn’t easy.

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