Nodding off not making sense

by Richard Hannah


Taking percocet, morphine, zoloft, provalic, acid, xanax, and serequel. Sleeping a lot nodding off not making sense to family and friends?

Bad Situation

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Richard,

From what you are describing it is difficult to ascertain whether it is you doing these drugs or somebody else. In either case, this is not a healthy situation and if it is left unchecked, will lead to serious consequences.

People don’t just say “that’s it” and walk away from a drug habit, or to say the least, very few can just quit cold turkey and not suffer a relapse.

A substance use disorder is a brain disease that is not going to cure itself, and people with the disease need treatment and a program for recovery. There are no miracle cures, just good programs to help people manage their disease and live a happy, healthy life.

Getting back on the right path is entirely possible, but drug users don’t believe they have a problem, so they are not the first in line to seek treatment. They deny having the problem and avoid those who remind them that there is an issue to be dealt with.

Your story is about a person who is out of control. Something has to give. People doing massive amounts of drugs can get treatment and become clean and sober. Sadly, they can deny the problem, avoid any measure of personal responsibility and commit suicide by the installment plan. It’s a sad story, but it’s one repeated too many times across North America.

Those with a substance use disorder should seek medical intervention. They need to schedule a medical examination to determine their overall state of health and get counsel on a treatment plan that makes sense.

There are so many good programs out there, designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual. People can and do successfully go through treatment and enter into a recovery program, giving them the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

The drug use you describe is just a ticket to nothing.

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