No money for treatment, help!

by mom

(Ferndale, Wa. USA)

My 35 yr. old daughter is a heroin addict, wants help, homeless, no money. Keeps putting it off because afraid to detox, pain too bad.

She is of danger to herself and maybe others. Can I have her put in long term, lock-down treatment? It would be involuntary then, she thinks 30 days is plenty.

She also has panic and anxiety attacks and can’t work. She is going to die, no question.

Please. please help us someone.

You must help her!

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Mom,

I’m so very sorry to hear how much you and your daughter are suffering, heroin addiction is a disease of the brain that has probably taken complete control of your daughter. Until she is detoxed you can’t trust anything she does.

You need to go to Al-Anon meetings as quickly as you can. Go to this link and find a meeting where you get the advice and help you need:

Because your daughter also suffers from panic attacks she may be what’s called co-occurring, which means she is addicted and she has an underlying mental health disorder. Usually both must be treated for her to get into full recovery.

There are free resources available in most areas and the Al-anon members should help you find out what’s available. I’m not aware of any lock-down program so your daughter is going to have to agree to go into the whatever free treatment you find available.

I would also encourage you to make your daughter start attending NA or AA meetings DAILY. These meeting are free and may help her begin to see that she must detox and get into treatment ASAP!

Here is a link for the daily NA meeting available in your area:

I would also encourage you to call your doctor, he/she has a lot of experience with addiction and should be able to help you to help your daughter.

Good Luck for you and your daughter.

There is hope

by: Anonymous

I am a recovering heroin addict…I am 26 yrs old. I became addicted because I was hurting inside and emotionally unstable.

I went to an inpatient facility when I was 21 but I went right back to doing the same thing, just harder. (Relapsing is apart of recovery!)

I didn’t have the money to go to an inpatient facility the 5th time around. (when I say 5th time…I mean that I tried to get clean myself but failed…after my 30-day inpatient rehab stint, I tried half-way houses, meetings, you name it) I now see a doctor once a week and he has me on suboxone!

To be completely honest, I do not go to NA or AA, I do not trust it at all! You meet more addicts and connections there. Also, I know this sucks but you can’t change her, she has to want to get clean!

There are programs that can help her get on suboxone for free….I did not go through withdrawals at all!!! I wish you and your daughter luck.


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