Our relationship had become toxic.

by Lynn

My husband left me 6 months ago. His addiction is to weed. I had no idea that u could become addicted to it. But looking back it makes sense.

He started therapy which I’m happy that he is. Our relationship had become toxic. I guess I’m writing to u with a question as far as when in therapy do they tackle the drug addiction as being a huge part of the dysfunctional part of the marriage?

I wasn’t always controlling and resentful. I’m really trying to focus on myself so that IF we get back together I’m not enabling. But here I am wondering about his therapy. I love him so much and wish we could work things out. Thanks.

You Need Support

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Lynn,

I certainly hope your husband completes his treatment and returns to the world happy, joyous and free. His addiction was preventing him from being a good husband and choking your marriage. There is no room for you in that mix.

However, there is hope and I pray that he returns to you clean and worthy of being your husband. You need some support for yourself, and so many wives suffer alone through this agonizing experience.

Al-Anon is meant for you. Give them a call and allow their members to support you and give you valuable guidance to be a supporting wife and not an enabler. But it sounds like the ball is in his court. He has a choice, be an addict or be a husband.

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