Drug Addiction Questions

Drug Addiction Questions

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Drug Addiction Questions

Isn’t Drug Addiction self-inflicted?

People do not set out to become a drug addict. They take drugs to get high, or to relieve pain, or maybe even just to see what the drug will do.

They don’t take drugs to get hooked. This sounds very simple and straight forward, but it’s an important point to remember.

Drugs affect different people in different ways. How is it that one person can take drugs and not become addicted, while another uses once and is immediately pulled in? Some can walk away, while others suffer terrible consequences.

Also, as a person uses drugs more often, even though it doesn’t appear that anything bad is happening, their brain chemistry changes. That change is what causes addiction. Soon, it is no longer a choice to take drugs or to leave them alone. The change in brain chemistry demands more drugs. As their disease progresses, the addicts will take drugs even though the drugs are harming them. Some people can never stop, and the drug use eventually kills them.

To a point there is choice involved in using drugs, or staying clean. The first step in the 12-Step process is admitting that you have a problem. But it’s just too easy to say that addiction is self-inflicted., because people are complex and unique.

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My Story: Drugs Got Me but Didn’t Define Me

by AlecZondra

Hi, my name is Tiera. I’m 18 and from Greenville, Sc. I moved to
Franklin when I was 10 with my mom, step-dad and my siblings. I am a
student here a MEC. I had dreams and goals like every other 10 year old.
I wanted to be a famous singer, but years later I grew a strong passion
for pastry cooking, I loved whipping up cakes and pies and such. I
wanted to own my own pastry shop as well. I knew for sure I was going to
make my dreams come true when I got accepted into MEC.

When I
was 15 I got caught up with the wrong crowd. I was never one for peer
pressure growing up, so I thought. It started with one cigarette taking
puffs here and there. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal until
that one puff turned into a cigarette a day, which turned into multiple
cigarettes a day. Before I knew it, it was a pack a day. I knew it was
wrong, not just because I was totally underage to smoke them but because
I knew what they were doing to my body, but still that peer pressure
was there. I do have to take some responsibility for even falling into
the peer pressure because I was always a leader, not a follower.

I turned 16 I got my license. I felt like I got a whole new level of
freedom, which I did and it didn’t take any time before I started
abusing it. The peer pressure was gone; it was just me making very
stupid choices. I continued to hang with the same worthless people who
wanted nothing in life but to stay high and drunk. I started getting in
the habit of skipping my classes just to get high and have fun with
these people who I called “friends”. Little did I know at the time none
of them were my true friends. I’m sorry, but true friends don’t let you
go down the wrong path in life, and as I grow more and learn more in
life I have definitely found out who are my true friends, which is only a

I didn’t think the activities I was engaging in were
bad for me, though I knew if I were to get caught I would get in a heap
of trouble. Ever heard the two words Gateway Drug? We hear all the time
about Gateway drugs. Weed was a big quote on quote a Gateway Drug. I
didn’t believe it. I was smoking weed just about every day 3 times a day
if not more, and sometimes I was smoking the synthetic weed, the fake
stuff. The stuff that’s now killing kids my age and younger, even
ruining their lives. Before I knew it I was addicted. It didn’t quite
faze me, until it became my Gateway Drug. Next thing I knew I was
popping pills, snorting them too.

I met me a new crowd of
worthless drug addicts who were taking Molly. Molly is a pure form of
MDMA (ecstasy). It’s an energy booster which makes you dangerously high,
speeding your heart rate. Sweating is a big side effect from this drug.
I was popping me a few in before I would go to the club on Saturday

Once again, I was making more stupid choices, but at the time it
was me wanting to do whatever I could do to forget my problems in life
and not having to deal with them, and getting high and doing other
things was my way.

Five months ago I turned the big 18. Boy was I
excited. I was moving out of my mom’s place and getting my own place so
I could do whatever I wanted when I wanted, and that’s exactly what I
did. The drinking set in, but it was nowhere near as bad as the drugs.
By this time I had tried it all except for heroin. By the grace of God I
didn’t get addicted to anything else other than the weed. I continue
smoking and doing the other drugs, just not as much as I was smoking.

During my spring break, my life took a turn that I had
no idea it was going to take. It was supposed to be like any other day
like I had for the past year, but it wasn’t. Never in a million years
did I ever think such a thing would happen to me. I know I’m not
invincible but still, never. I was beaten and raped.

For the
life of me I couldn’t figure out why it happened to me. I felt like
nothing! I felt as if my life had no more worth to it. From the drugs
and drinking to the beating and rape. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I
felt like my life had no meaning anymore. My education was slowly
getting worse. Before everything I had a 3.5 GPA. Skipping classes went
to not going to school at all, barley making it to class twice a week.

my unbearable beating and rape I lost who I was. The drugs got worst
and I quickly losing it. Suicide began to set in. I couldn’t even live
with myself anymore. I hated what I had turned into.

What happen to the big dreams I had for myself?

How did I allow myself to get with the wrong people?

Why did I let drugs take over my life?

of these things were in my plans for life. I was young and just wanted
to have fun that was all, and it turned into something way more than

After all the suicide attempts and multiple visits to the
hospital I couldn’t handle any longer. This was not what I wanted for

After talking with wise people I knew who gave great advice I
wanted to get my act together. I knew my life wouldn’t change if I
didn’t change it, and that’s exactly what I did. It wasn’t easy and I’m
still in the process of getting it together.

I have now been
sober from all drugs except for weed for the last three months, and a
week from weed. Baby steps, it’s not going to happen overnight but as
long as I’m walking forward with my head held high I’m going to overcome

I’m no longer going to let it defeat me, be me, control
me or take over my life. It’s not easy I can promise you that but I will
beat this. I’m a very smart, strong, independent, and spontaneous girl
and I will make it. Every day I have to tell myself that I’m smart, I’m
kind, and I’m important. Those words get me thru my day along with
finding my inner peace. I will not let my past define me no longer.

sharing my story because I don’t want for any of you to go thru what I
had too. I can promise you there are lots of ways to have fun then doing
drugs and getting mixed up with the wrong people. I know this is
Franklin and there’s really nothing to do here, but you can be creative
and come up with things to do.

There’s more to my story but i
feel like I’ve gotten my point across. Drugs are not worth it at all. I
hope you all listened and take what I’ve said inconsideration and DON’T

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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