Medicine for Alcoholism?

Is there any medicine that can help eliminate alcohol addiction?

Medication is not enough

by: Ned Wicker

Treatment for alcoholism may include medication. For example, during the detoxification process, which may take several days, patients may receive a sedative to help them avoid shaking, hallucinations and other withdrawal symptoms.

There are also drugs that are designed to prevent people from drinking, such as Disulfiram, but it is hardly a cure and it will not take away the cravings.

What this drug does do is make you sick when you drink.

Another possible intervention is Naltraxone, which blocks the positive effects of alcohol.

There is also a injection form of this drug, called Vivitrol.

Another possibility is Acamprosate, which is known to reduce the cravings, and it doesn?t make you sick.

However, alcoholism treatment and recovery are not as easy as taking a pill. To get back on track, after initial treatment, alcoholics need support to get their lives back together, develop healthy living habits and take steps to ensure that the disease doesn?t take over and ruin their lives.

Support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, have all kinds of programs for recovering alcoholics.

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