28 year old son arrested for Heroin, Cocaine & Hydrocodone

by Jim


I am the father of a 28 year old son and he is a heroin addict. I have tried everything from offering him rehab, which he turned down the first time, and then on the 2nd time he went in and walked out 30 minutes later because he thought he could beat it himself.

He has now been arrested with Heroin, Cocaine & Hydrocodone. I am definitely co-dependent and was in denial and believed him at first when he said that he could quit on his own. He got arrested during my attempt at tough love.

This is his first drug arrest, but I am now worried that he will not get a chance at rehab since he had 3 different drugs on him. It was user amounts, but you never know how the legal system works. He is a smart man, that can figure out and fix anything, but he was diagnosed with ADD and is very compulsive, and has been on Ritalin or Adderal since he was a kid.

I love him so much and hate what these drugs have done to him.

We have not bailed him out due to 2 things, the bail is very high, and we are afraid he will use again if he gets out. I want to see and hug my son, and believe in him again, but the drug takes him from me.

I am not doing well at all. Can’t sleep or eat, and don’t know where to go to get help. Drugs have ruined our families and country, and there isn’t any affordable programs available. It’s great if you can get on Dr. Phil and get your addict in rehab at La Hosienda, but what about all the other families that deal with the pain and suffering of dealing with an addict.

I know he is 28 years old, but loving your child doesn’t have an age limit.

My question is: Is it a lost cause for all the families that don’t have the income to go to the rehab centers to save their adult children?

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

There Is Always Hope

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Jim,

You have been living a nightmare, but I completely support your decision to not bail your son out of jail. It’s the right call. Sometimes jail, although unpleasant, is the place where lives are saved. Often judges are enlightened enough to know that treatment is more cost-effective than incarceration.

Recovery is more productive than jail time. A couple of things… you can call Al-Anon and reach out to them for support and advice.

If you feel you need professional counseling, our friend Joe Herzanek, who has vast experience as a prison chaplain, is available at 303-775-6493, and believe me he really understands your son’s situation. He is the author of the book “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” He is a recovering addict himself. He understands.

so hard

by: Connie

I was reading you post because my son is 26 and to is remarkably smart. Attended college classes, reads classic books, just someone you wouldn’t think would be addicted to drugs at all.Not any in particular but I’m sure hes done it all. Hes been arrested numerous times and is currently sitting in jail at this moment.

Sometimes I have wondered if he has a split personality. He exercises and eats right but turns around and does drugs. We have been down this road for 10 years. My biggest mistake was bailing him out the first time. You are making the right choice by making him stay.

I am a weak mom he broke my heart over and over and I bailed him out cause it was hard to see him cry but I hurt him more cause he will end up in prison I’m sure. So stay tough and just do a lot of praying. I’m a 44 yr old mom and have 2 other kids 15 and 11. I have to stay strong also but its hard when I’m sitting here crying. Good luck to you and your son.

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