Poppy Tea?

by Elizabeth



I have MS and am in pain quite a lot of the time – sometimes continually for months at a time. Last summer I discovered the joys of Poppy Tea. 8 whole hours without pain, and with the added benefit of having a break from depression (also part of MS, made worse by the pain).

But I’m no mug (I think!) I certainly don’t want to end up with dependency or withdrawal (especially since pain and hyper=tense muscles are already part of the MS package). I think I am erring on the side of caution with ‘Tea Days’ being only occasional holidays from pain. How often could I safely drink Tea without dependency or withdrawal becoming an issue?

Be Careful

by: Ned Wicker

The dangers of Poppy Seed Tea are documented in the web site http://www.poppyseedtea.com/ and I would suggest you take a look at what these folks have to offer. Pain management is an important issue and I really think you need to be cautious about trying anything not recommended by a doctor or licensed therapist.

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