Questions About Addiction

I am concerned for my wife.

She has been on Ativan 3Xdaily for approx 2 years, added 3X daily of taking my prescription for Valium, and also takes an Ambien every night.

She has become disorientated, moody, here cognitive reasoning has diminished, and always seems agitated no matter what the conversation, even with the kids.

From all my research, here usage is most likely at a habitual state and before I confront this, I need to understand if I am not seeing something that is not there.

Ativan 1mg X3, Valium 10mgX3 and Ambien CR all seem like a cocktail for trouble to me.

by Larry


I am statrting a new AA meeting and need to register it.

Where is the AA form to do this?

I am looking for a place in WI for an intervention for narcotic addiction.

Some place near Waukesha, WI would be great.

Your site suggested I need professional help if the promises have been a reoccurring problem.

Herein lies another problem in that the addiction has tapped the financial fountain into a drought.

Can you provide a toll free counsel to assist me?


my son went into rehab 18 months ago for heroin addiction for 6 months but immediately came out and started doing drugs, he has struggled for 10 years with addiction(not heroin all that time) and is permanently depressed, last 6 months or more??

is addicted to crack cocaine he is now paranoid, wont leave his rented house, always angry wont answer my calls, in the past i have paid his rent,taken shopping, both cried, argued every emotion but now I’m at a total loss as i wont pay rent anymore (so the fear i have been dreading is he will be on the streets) or go to the house begging to be let in i am so tired of the same things and no changes i feel i dont want to know anymore(what sort of mum am i to think that) which adds to my depression!!

i am at a total loss and so scared, he wont go back to 12 step program/rehab/doctors/or any help program, ive read everything about crack addiction,spoke to helplines but im totally lost..

i dont know why i am writing this because i want someone to tell me the answer which i know is impossible, the helplessness is overwhelming.

Is Subutex harmful, when using needles to shoot it.

i live in tunbridgewells in kent. my partner of 17 years is addicted to speed.

he also has mental health problems and has always been in denial.

he has been taking more and more. and is getting very violent.

i went to leave him today, and he promised a to stop.

what intervention help is there, in my area. he has arranged to see a cpn himself.

can they set up an intervention meeting.

he is also addicted to canabis.



My sister is addicted to narcotics.

How do I have her charts flagged at the pharmacy so that she can’t continue to get these medications filled and how do I report the doctor who keep giving her the medication, 120 tablets her, 40 tablets there when they add up to 200 pills in a year.

She thinks she can handle this alone and I want to make it as difficult as possible for her to get the meds in the first place.

I have a 20 year old son that up until recently thought all he did was smoke pot, and drink a few beers and over the last several months, maybe longer, his behavior is getting out of control.

He doesn’t have a job, bounces from one worthless friend to another, calls for money all the time and his violent outburst are becoming more frequent and scary.

He paces like a caged animal all the time and if he doesn’t get what he
wants when he wants it, he has a temper tantrum like a small child and throws things, smashes things, slams things, etc….of course this behavior is not allowed in the our home.

Now he is homeless and my dad has brought him into our home because we didn’t believe in him living on the streets but I am very concerned and the more he is around and the more his behavior escalates I am realizing this is way bigger any of us can fix on our own……

I am scared, lost and just flat out don’t know what to do.

He not only has an alcohol problem, it’s obvious he may have a severe drug problem to go with that (beyond pot).

Just a couple years ago he got his braces off, his teeth were white and straight and just a few weeks ago I saw his teeth and the tops against the gums are a funny color, kind of grayish and they look like they have dents runs across the middle of his top teeth and his breath smells like decay gum disease.

I don’t know what to do, I have no money to pay for care or rehab or anything, but he desperately needs help, his behavior and the substance abuse has already caused problems with getting tickets for minor in possession or held in jail because he was so intoxicated that he was combative or found passed out on the side of the road and taken to the ER.

Can someone help me, I don’t know what to do anymore.


I am the girlfriend/friend of a man who is currently in the hospital in the throws of withdraw from alcohol.

He just started the DT’s and I think they will last a while.

I guess my question is, what’s next?

He needs to get into rehab but I am afraid that he will not go.

If he continues to drink the damage that he has done to his body will get worse and he will die.

I am a recovering drug addict myself I understand the mechanics of this illness, I just don’t know how to help him.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I would like to know what effects my children and their behaviors, during my drug use.

And how can I be able to talk with them about how drugs has destroyed my life.

Also how God has changed my life tremendously, because I was willing to change, and admitted that I was powerless.

by Beth

Do you do interventions?

I am an addict please help me and my family.

I have a daughter that is missing out on her parents.

We are both addicted to prescription pills.

by Sheladelle

(minneapolis MN)

I have a 5 year old son with a crack addict. I broke up with him once while I was pregnant but recent events put us back together in the last year.

My child is finally adjusting to having his father living with us, and his father is finally adjusting to being a family man. Well almost……

the 1st 8 month being back together were the best 8 months of my entire life. It was better than the 1st time we dated and accidentally created a perfect child. We didn’t argue, we went to church, we spent quality family time together, and were able to find mommy and daddy time too :).

Right around our birthdays (me and his birthday are 2 days apart, and our son’s is 1 week after his dads- which makes us lucky Leos-All born in the year of the cock) he had his 1st relapse after a 15 month sobriety.

He disappeared for 6 days on a street-walkers fantasy.

When he finally came home, we talked about the importance of him not wandering the streets high for days. My big concern being that something could happen to him. When i broached the subject about his using he was very apologetic. We talked about steps to get his relapse under way, and possible treatment programs.

He called a few treatment programs and got the run around. they wanted him to do a rule 25 in a week and could possibly get him a bed by the end of the month.

Needless to say he was not strong enough to follow through and now (almost 2 months later) weekly he is disappearing for 1 day here 3 days here (whenever he is off from work) and going to get high.

I have tried to minimize his times by controlling all assets. his checks come automatically to me and I ration them by paying the bills, buying the groceries, and picking up the necessities.

I just knew if he had no $ he could not go get high. I have learned that he needs no money to get high and usually comes home with cash in his pockets.

My fairy tale has turned in to a nightmare. Recently I had come home and found him smoking crack in the bathroom. Naturally I freaked out and he left. I picked him up downtown the next day with the promise of no change.

I do not know how to get rid of him. and if I did I do not know if I can live with out him either. I feel raw and defeated. With out him I do not think I could financially afford to survive and all of our assets are in my name so its not like i could disappear into the night.

How can I get him help while making him think he is doing it for himself? Is that even possible? and if it is possible what direction do I take?


Last night I was told that my fiance’ is taking drugs. he knows that I used to be an addict and in the beginning of the relationship, told him that I would not stand for it. he told me he had done it in the past but has not touched it
since we have been together (1 and a half years).

He does lie a lot about stupid random things, he does lose his temper quickly if I ask too many questions about work or a certain person (never has he raised a hand to me) and is friends with 2 different dealers that I know of. in the past
8 months he has put on about 10 kgs and he is forever tired.

what do I do? do I take him for a test, do i involve his parents?

I would really appreciate any advise you could give.

Thanks for everything, Kerri

by September

(Cleveland, Oh)

I have been dating my boyfriend for 1 and half years and I’ve known him for about 7 years. I am almost 21 and he has just turned 25.

He has been doing(snorting) opiates (first oxycontins then opanas, occasionally shooting them) for around 3 years.

But in the past 12 months his addiction has spiraled out of controll. Everyday he wakes up and does 1-2 opanas or oxys and then another 1-2 throughout the day.

Sometimes he even snort 4-5 depending on if he’s having a “bad ” day. He even has a script for the 30mg opanas which he obtained from a “crooked doctor.”

He refuses to go to rehab or get some any kind of professional help and gets very angry whenever I try to bring it up.

He claims he’ll do it after he starts working out or ect. . Always an excuse not to quit.

His family and he are not on very good terms right now and even when they were on good terms they didn’t really try to help they would just yell and be angry and get on his case which only made him feel worse.

He pretty much cut ties with them altogether now so I’m pretty much all he has. I used to beg cry offer any help I could for him and he just pushes me farther and farther away sometimes even saying I’m stupid and to leave him alone.

The drugs have completly changed his entire personality . We are always fighting he never wants to have sex hug kiss.. he’s completly withdrawn himself from me . He’s very very depressed and has a ton of axiety and insomnia.

He takes 5 xanax a day plus trazadone which scares me so much I hear of ppl oding from oxy and xanax all the time.

Every single day I’m afraid I’m going to wake up and he’s going to be dead next to me.

After a while I kinda just stopped getting on his case about the drug problem because it just upset him and we fight and then he normally just does more pills out of anger.

He has subutex and refuses to take it! But the other night me and a mutual friend of ours were talking about his addiction (she also is addicted to opiates but its not as bad as him) and she was saying how she worries he will die and a few others have said it and now it has hit me harder than ever, I can’t let him go on like this anymore.

Even other people are worried and they don’t even know how bad it really is. I’m so scared I need some advice on how to help him I don’t want to worry I don’t want to cry I don’t want to be 20yrs old and bury my 25 yr old bf., the love of my life and best friend.

Please help !

Any suggestions will do I want my boyfriend back he was such a great person and still is deep down I see glimpses of who he used to be so I know he’s in there somewhere and he has so much potential and so much more to see in life I don’t want it to end now.

He’s my everything I’d do anything to get him back .

My husband is addicted to cocaine!!!

I do not know where to begin or what to say without downgrading him.

He is asking for help!!!

by Shannene

Why is it called drug dependent?

I found 2 TEC white tablets (I think they are Percocets) in a tic-tac container in my 16yr old daughters bedroom, in a drawer.

I asked her about them, she told me she had them for a long time and she didn’t remember what they are. I took them and said I would find out what they were.

I need to talk to her today to find out where she got them from. I think she will lie to me, but I will keep pushing.

If I find out who she got them from, should I call their parents?

Should I forbid her from seeing that person?

Forbid sleepovers?

She has just started her in-car practice for her license, should I threaten to put a stop to that?

I feel overwhelmed, disappointed and scared. I have no experience with drug addiction.

Looking back, recently, I noticed twice that she put her head down on our island, in an awkward way, in front of company. I even questioned her about it, and she said she was tired, and so after a few moments she raised her head again.

Other than that I haven’t noticed anything else.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

by Lynette

(Beach Lake, PA)

My 27 year old son has been using alcohol and drugs (most opiates and recently cocaine) since he was 14 years old. He was in jail from June, 2008 to Nov., 2009 for selling drugs. He got out and he was in recovery from Nov. 2009 until June, 2010, when he had a relapse. Then he seemed to return to recovery but was arrested on 9/6/10 for driving while impaired by drugs.

This is causing me great emotional pain. I see a Psychologist and I talk to my minister. I also attend Al Anon meetings. I believe that I now must FINALLY practice “tough love” and not do anything to help my son.

My husband agrees with me for the most part but did go visit him in jail and took some clothes and reading materials. However, we are not going to bail him out or get him a lawyer. I will not visit him, talk to him on the phone, or write to him – all of which I did in the past when he was in jail.

I had told him the last time that he got out of jail that I would give him one more chance and if it happened again that I would do the above.

I really don’t know what to do with myself. I am totally shocked, grieving, in pain and suffering. Please help me in any way that you can.

Thank you. – Lynette

a family member has drug addiction, in the Long Island, Nassau County area.

where is a Al-anon family support group located in that area?

Thank you

by Tamaira


I knew J in high school and we used to hang out. We lost contact and in January last year, we reconnected.

Everything was going good and I love him so much, I truly believe he is my first true love, he is very kind and considerate.

He has gotten better since our relationship has grown closer and deeper. I say better because he has stopped disappearing for days, and he stopped spending all his paychecks and not missing work.

So for this, I am extremely proud and know he can do it. What I continue to have a hard time with, is every time he gets money, that’s what he goes and does.

He makes a phone call for a small treat as he calls it. Then he disappears and comes back. He tells me its going to stop not to give up he needs me to help him through.

But the last couple times now, he has promised to not touch it for 5 days and he lied to me a few times now. I am so confused and upset, here he says he loves me so much and he wants to stop, but he tells me he’s going to bed and when i leave for home, (sensed something up), drive back he is gone.

Comes back as I’m sitting there he gets out of truck smiling, “Hi baby” he says to me like nothing ever happened. I just don’t know what to do I love him immensely and I believe he loves me the same, but why does he hurt me so badly?

I just don’t understand it at all. Please give me some guidance and ideas what to do… I’m lost.

I need to source out someone who can structure and execute a drug intervention for a family member.

If possible please send me a list of people I can contact in the Toronto area.

I have a daughter that has a drug problem because of her boyfriend.

She is in denial to me, but shares more with my older daughter.

The problem is, we don’t know what to do.

She won’t leave him, and we can’t force the issue because it would cause more friction.

She lies to us all of the time.

Please tell me what “Jesus” would do! I need to do something by the spirit, not by my flesh.

Do you have any recommendations for “sober” colleges in the northeast?

Please help, my brother is a drug addict, my mum is desperate, we have tried to get him to go to rehab but to no avail.

It is just about impossible to have more than two words with him, he won’t talk with us, he treats us like enemy’s and he says crazy things like he really believes and it is impossible to dispute them as he gets angry, thanks jenny.

my 26 year old son is a heroin addict.

he was in detox but signed himself out after 3 days.

I am so scared for him.
I need a secure unit for him to get clean.

He lives in Mitcham and I live in Scotland.

Please can you help. I am so worried.

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