Recovery 101 from a Young Adult

by Gatehouse Academy

(Wickenburg, Arizona )

Recovery is something that is to be cherished for many reasons. It can save your life, help you live a new life, and introduce something that will benefit you for the rest of your life. A higher power is something that not only will be something you look up to, but something that will guide you through all your struggles. For me, recovery is the essence of my goal to not only stay alive, but to save others’ lives too.

For an addict like myself, drugs were always my higher power. Drugs were always my one way ticket to happiness and freedom. Because of this, I was blinded from everything and everyone who cared about me truly, and made me not only a selfish person, but a very rude and arrogant person. Time after time I wouldn’t have the will or care to put any action into helping others, but something happened to me.

Through recovery, I am not genuinely happy, without the need for my freedom through drugs. Now my life consists of wanting to help others because I have seen what I can do for myself. Recovery is like my armor that cannot be replaced, my own self-medication. Recovery is about not only making my life better, but making everyone else’s life better.

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