Released from prision, possibly using heroin again?

Person close to me, released from prison could possibly be using heroin again. How can i tell if they are using again? Has been in and out of prison, rehabs, drug counseling, half way homes, i am just afraid that the use has started in a small way and its going to get worse.


He’ll Tell You

by: Ned Wicker

It won’t take long for the heroin to take over his life. The best way to tell is to observe him closely and look for anything that seems out of place, like sleeping too much, not eating, having no interest in friends or finding work.

Is he stealing to get drug money? Does he get agitated when you bring it up? What are his family relationships like? Watch him, he’ll show you what you need to know.

Ask questions and be persistent. Talk to his family and other friends. The story always comes out. I hope he is not using again, but it sounds like all of the bad pieces are there. The failed treatment tells me that he likes to have things his own way and will not allow some types of treatment options to unfold.

The prison time probably didn’t do anything but keep him away from drugs, so chances are he’s going right back to using. I hope not.

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