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RSSS is a SAMHSA Planning Partner for National Recovery Month

by Guest Blog by Super Star

Recovery is for Everyone …

My train wrecked trail of total devastation in addiction affected everyone around me. Many of those closest to me had become trained and conditioned by my actions; always tending, babysitting and cleaning up my mess. But what happens to those people when someone like me finally decides to stop using drugs?

Often times it is total and utter confusion.

When I stopped using and started working recovery, I saw those closest to me scratching their heads wondering what to do with themselves next. It was apparent they had become so used to taking care of me that they had forgotten how to live their own life. I saw how my constant drain on their time caused them to lose their own identity somewhere along the way.

When an addict stops using, it’s an opportunity for his/her caretakers to look into their own mirror. And for some it’s the first time in a long time that they have put themselves first. They no longer have a scapegoat to point the finger at for things and this then provides them the chance to look into their own mirror and in a new and sometimes not so glamorous light. I have seen this firsthand. Now that I am sober I can clearly see who has been willing to discover and deal with their own issues that they have ignored, and those whom have decided to hang on to their past and avoid them.

It’s important for everyone that plays any role in the disease of addiction to work on becoming healthy. Recovery doesn’t just apply to the one suffering from substance use disorder; it applies to everyone in that circle. Recovery is a gift and it’s free for everyone to enjoy!

This is a selfless program, not a selfish one. We put recovery first by being of service to our Higher Power and helping others. Today I take my own inventory and I’m open to receive feedback from others; some of which applies and some which doesn’t. Cleaning house so to speak, connecting with and helping others. I have to take care of myself and always be aware to check my motives to make sure that I am not being selfish with the care for myself vs. the care for others.

Recovery has enlightened me and I’ve gained a better understanding of what self-love is. Connecting with the spiritual element of my own recovery has allowed me to soar to places beyond my wildest expectations. It has allowed me to sense and embrace the true meaning and pureness of love for me as well as my family members. I’ve found that to be in recovery is to connect with a purpose for my life.

I look forward to continuing to see what happens within my own family dynamic as the days of my sobriety continue. The immeasurable amount of love and healing that I’ve already realized has been an amazing gift for not only me but for all the others that are within my circle.


Super Star, yes that’s his legal name, is a musician, author, and motivational speaker. He was a former owner of a successful, cutting-edge computer consulting firm and lost it to drug addiction.

Today he lives with a commitment geared toward anti-substance abuse campaigning and encouraging others to overcome obstacles with a creative boldness and live with purpose just as he has.

He penned the critically acclaimed book, The First 30 Days to Serenity and co-created Serenity, a CD featuring musicians from the bands: KISS, Heart, The Goo Goo Dolls, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Super Star shares his message to school assemblies and community groups speaking on Rebranding Sobriety, Personal Responsibility and Dream Catching. Super Star also hosts a Rockin’ Recovery Tour for National Recovery Month each September at various venues across the country where music from Serenity is performed along with an inspirational message. Follow Super Star on FB @ Super Star or Twitter @sobersuperstar

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and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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